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You may notice or not, most of the websites you see on the web including blogs, e-commerce stores or magazines are built with WordPress. WP allows users to create websites in a simple way, while also allowing them to use advanced design and development features. You don’t need to be a full-stack developer to create a responsive, modern-looking WordPress site with e-commerce features, forms and dynamic content. There are thousands of WP themes that will offer the look you want and dozens of plugins that will allow you to develop the features you need as no-code.

WordPress enables you to make user management, media management and front-end customization for your projects.

Wordpress Themes FAQ

How to choose a Wordpress Theme

The first step in choosing a theme is deciding what your websites will be about. Will it be an e-commerce site, a blog, or a how-to guide on a specific domain? We can divide WordPress themes into 4 subcategories: 1) Blogs 2) E-commerce sites 3) Forums 4) Corporate websites. There might be some hybrid features according to your project features but choosing one of the 4 subcategories above can be a good starting point.

Can I host a Wordpress site on Amazon Web Services?

Yes, you can host your website on AWS cloud. Even it reminds large scale businesess, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a powerful cloud computing platform and it allows users to the power of Amazon’s peculiar tech infrastructure on a pay as you go basis.

If you decide to use AWS platform to host your WordPress site, you have pros and cons. Amazon Web Services provides high-scalability, which makes it perfect for websites with thousands of daily visitors. The platform also enables you to use any server configuration you want. On the other hand you need to have experience on AWS cloud structure, in some cases you could have more simplier alternatives versus AWS if you don’t need to use advanced cloud features.

Is Wordpress Good for SEO?

Yes, Wordpress is a good CMS alternative for SEO. You can use different plugins to setup your onsite SEO with no-code features, this enables you to take advantage of enhanced SEO features of external service providers.

Even Wordpress is a high-ranked CMS for SEO, you need to build your own keyword and content strategy. Besides your website performance is crucial for SEO success. All in all, Wordpress contains advanced features and a built-in plugin network that you’ll need for a good SEO, it’s up to you how to execute.

Can I download Wordpress Themes for free?

Yes, there are hundreds of free Wordpress themes on the web. Wordpress platform itself offer free themes for users, you can also find 3rd party themes for your website.

What are the pros and cons of using Wordpress

Pros: The biggest advantage of the Wordpress is that it provides you a user-friendly content management software. Wordpress is an open source platform and you can use it for free. Another differentiator of the Wordpress is it’s wide plugin network, you can find a plugin or themes for almost all purposes you would require. Last but not least Wordpress provides a precise structure for SEO.

Cons: Even we considered Wordpress plugin network as an advantage, sometimes it can be exhausting to find a plugin for every requirement and keeping all plugins up-to-date can require much effort. Especially if you use customized Wordpress themes your website speed can decrease if you can’t support your structure with a strong server side architecture.