Pos For Service performs a complete record of the sale of goods and services at retail. Easy to use and apply automate everyday actions such as the establishment report (stock lists, bussiness books), receipt of goods, price changes, records of customers and suppliers …
Issuance Account

Issuance of fiscal accounts is certainly the most commonly performed surgery in retail. Invoicing in our program is easy, just enter a code, product name or scan the bar code and confirm the operation. when issuing bills have a choice, fiscal, cash account or issuing an invoice, with a choice of payment methods (cash, credit transfer).
Calculation – The stock records
Calculation is Accounting document relating to the establishment of the sales price of the goods, as well as the entry of goods into retail. The document contains information about the received goods: cost, quantity, sales and purchase price …
Our software automatically calculates the items on the calculation, which significantly reduces the time of making their own calculations, while the form for entering calculations it’s simple and easy to understand.
Leveling – Price Change Model
Leveling is a document that records the change in the price item. In the program, change in price Item carried out very simply, find your product, enter and confirm a new price listing, and that’s it, leveling is automatically created, and all changes are recorded to the program.
The return of goods by the buyer
Backspace or warrant correction is a document that records the returned goods from the buyer. Backspace is automatically created based on the information you have entered.
Returns goods supplier
Trackback vendor is a document that records and reduces the inventory in stock. This document can be used for the merchandise that was taken on the commission and consignment sales.
Internal delivery
Internal lading is a document evidencing the transfer of goods when it comes to the same legal entity, that is, from one retail outlet to another.

Stock List
Stock List contains a list of all products in sales; together with all necessary information, quantity, price, value is created automatically.

Bussiness Book – Book trade in goods and services

Bussiness book is a form prescribed by the rules in which the financial shows traffic of goods and services. Our sowtware automatically creates bussiness form.
Traffic registers a report that shows the total turnover in the retail store for a given period of time.
Receiving device for service
Creating service orders
Records of received devices.
A record of service orders
Receiving complaints
Resolving complaints
A record of the complaint

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