Instagram Scheduler – Post Images & RSS Feeds!


Don’t want to do the hard work of manually uploading photos to instagram? Use the instagram tool to schedule your product photos, portfolio pictures, Flickr, Pinterest, DeviantArt or Facebook Album RSS feed to your instagram account so can keep your friends or followers updated while you sit back and relax.

What it does?

For social media marketing managers or business owner, you can now plan to post your images in advance, whether you’re creating a unique Instagram campaign or contest, posting your products or promotions, this tool lets you schedule your images or RSS feed at a future date and time.

Why use it?

One of the most-needed benefits of scheduling your Instagram is the time-saving aspect. If you are able to schedule a week’s worth of content ahead of time, you are able to spend the rest of your week concentrating on engagement. It’s often more difficult and time-consuming to try and come up with new content ideas on the spot, edit the images, come up with captions, and think of appropriate hashtags, so in getting this done ahead of time you can more fully dedicate your time and energy to other tasks

How it works?

How to schedule posts on instagram?

1. Enter instagram login info (encrypted and kept secure).

2. Enter image links or RSS feed of images (e.g. Flickr, Pinterest, DeviantArt etc)

3. Schedule, auto-repeat or publish your instagram images to your account.


  • Custom Instagram API!
  • Login info kept encrypted and secure!
  • Enter image link
  • RSS feed of images
  • Flickr, Pinterest, DeviantArt and Facebook Album RSS feed support
  • Auto-Repeat days or weeks until fixed date
  • Post now or schedule for later in your timezone
  • Publish posts immediately
  • View posts and stats
  • Create lists (to categorize accounts)
  • Content Engine
  • Instagram tutorial video
  • Multiple accounts – No more logging in and out of the Instagram app to switch accounts!
  • Sit back and relax and give your friends & followers great content, while you’re away
  • Prepare, schedule, publish. That’s it. No other detour.

Hootsuite’s Instagram scheduling sucks!

Users can seemingly schedule content to Instagram from Hootsuite but you have to connect your instgram account, download and install the Hootsuite mobile app, turn on push notifications, open the Hootsuite dashboard to schedule an instagram post, wait for the notification publish post reminder on your phone. That’s right – you’ve still got to do it yourself! Wait, theres more…click through to the Hootsuite mobile app, open in instagram, copy the post, edit your image, paste the text then FINALLY publish the image manually. Sounds tedious and time-consuming. Hootsuite’s Instagram scheduling is nothing more than a glorified reminder service!

Use Social Suite!
Hootsuite Instagram scheduling process is so cumbersome and practically pointless, use Social Suite tool instead. No app to install, no reminder notifications, no extra work, no effort. Just enter login info, enter your image link and schedule the day and time you choose, the image will be posted directly to your instagram account without any other further actions. You can even enter an RSS feed of images to schedule and auto-repeat daily or weekly.


1. Post your products if you’re asleep (e.g. posting to a different time zone) or offline?

  • Hootsuite: NO!
  • SocialSuite: YES!

2. Post if you’re travelling abroad?

  • Hootsuite: NO! (if you don’t see the scheduled post reminder – tough. You missed it. No Instagram post)
  • SocialSuite: YES! (the image is posted at the scheduled time).

3. Post if you have precise desired Instagram posting times?

  • Hootsuite: NO! (if you have to wait for the reminder, open the app, copy the post etc etc – 15 mins has passed by then)
  • SocialSuite: YES! (the image is posted at the scheduled time, no further actions).

4. Post to multiple Instagram accounts?

  • Hootsuite: NO! (Hootsuite mobile app will only post to whichever account is logged into instagram)
  • SocialSuite: YES! (add unlimted instagram accounts).


This is a ADD-ON tool for SocialSuite: Marketing Dashboard, which means it’s NOT a standalone php script and CAN NOT be installed on your site! You can use this add-on independently in the software OR online platform.

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  • Vendor: SocialSuite
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