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HTML Downloader + Source Code - 1

With HTML Downloader you can download the HTML (not PHP) source code of any website with just 2 mouse clicks, HTML Downloader also have full ‘User-Agent’ emulation, this means that you can select the ‘User-Agent’ string for web requests including IPAD, IPHONE, BlackBerry, HTC ONE, Windows Phone, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DSXL, WiiU and Playstation Portable (PSP).


  • +20 selectable User-Agents
  • User-Agent tester
  • Export to .TXT, .PHP and HTML
  • Copy downloaded source code to clipboard
  • Copy selected source code to clipboard
  • Portable in a USB key

Download and install .NET Framework 4.0:
The source code of this application is included in the package.
Developed with Visual Studio 2013 (Visual Basic.NET 2013).

NOTICE: Read the FAQ before asking, i’m sure there’s an answer to your question:

HTML Downloader + Source Code - 2

V1.3 – Improvements

* Changed application name
* Source code included in the package
* Removed Admin permision request
* User-Agent dropdown is now editable
* Updated User-Agent tester
* Updated error handling
* Added confirmation on application exit

V1.2 – Improvements

* Added 12 user-agents
* Added user-agent tester
* Changed some icons
* Changed "About" message

V1.1 – Improvements

* Major rebuild
* Redesigned GUI
* Changed icons

V1.0 – Initial release

* Initial release

HTML Downloader + Source Code - 3

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