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Product Description – HTML Compiler

HTML Compiler protects your web pages by encoding them so that only the end user can read it. When used, HTML Compiler encodes your HTML in such a way that the code can only be read by a web browser. Some uses can include:

  • Prevent straight-forward WYSIWYG style editing
  • Encode local HTML to prevent in-file searching
  • Protect unfinished websites from Google
  • Confuse people who press the “View Source” button
  • Become part of the invisible web, hide from search engines and data miners


  • Windows (any version)
  • Wine (if you’re using Linux)

Here is what you can expect the program to do:

Takes your HTML code…

meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8” /
Example Page/title


This is an example of a web page

And turns it into this type of code…


var htmlc_dv =’’;
htmlc_dv += ‘3C.21.44.4F.’;
htmlc_dv += ‘43.2F.2F.’;
htmlc_dv += ‘6C.2F.2F.45.4E.’;
htmlc_dv += ‘2F.’;
htmlc_dv += ‘6E.61.6C.2E.’;
htmlc_dv += ‘3A.2F.2F.’;
htmlc_dv += ‘3C.’;
htmlc_dv += ‘6E.74.65.6E.74.2D.’;
htmlc_dv += ‘6D.6C.3B.’;
htmlc_dv += ‘65.3E.’;
htmlc_dv += ‘61.64.3E.0D.0A.0D.0A.3C.62.6F.64.79.3E.0D.0A.’;
htmlc_dv += ‘61.6D.70.6C.65.20.6F.’;
htmlc_dv += ‘0D.0A.3C.2F.68.74.6D.6C.3E.0D.0A.’;



The first block of code always stays the same length, it contains the decode function, htmlc_d(). The size of the second block of code depends on the size of your web page, it contains your original HTML in hex format. When opened in a web browser, the original page appears to be unchanged, but the code underneath has been transformed.

Disclaimers for HTML Compiler

  • There is no decompiler yet. Please don’t overwrite your original HTML files.
  • This program does not protect against tools designed to debug HTML
  • Encoding important keywords will affect SEO

BONUS SOFTWARE – PHP Compiler [v0.75.14 beta]

HTML Compiler - 1
PHP Compiler is an unfinished project from 2009. The encoded PHP can be run without any extensions or modifications to PHP or Apache.

To use…

  1. Press “File -> Browse” and open your php file.
  2. Select the lines you want to encode (click + drag)
  3. Press the green ”^ SET” button on the right
  4. Click “Encode File” and the lines you selected will be obfuscated


  • You have to press “File” again to make the menu go away
  • You have to select code from bottom to top for the ”^ SET” button to stay active
  • Make sure the PHP code you select is isolated or it might snag partial code from outside the selected area (resulting in parse error)
  • When it generates the decode function, change $d=’; $byte=’; to $d=’’; or the encoded PHP won’t work.
  • You can encode as much as much PHP as you want, as long as the decode function is included somewhere (you only need to declare this function once)
  • The save button appears to work, but does nothing.. you’ll have to manually copy the encoded PHP into your editor

HTML Compiler - 2
HTML Compiler - 3

Disclaimers for PHP Compiler

  • There is no documentation and no warranty.
  • USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am not liable for any damage to your code, website or server. See “About” within the app for more information.
  • PHP Compiler will never be improved or updated. It is being included as an extra to the HTML Compiler app.

The download for HTML Compiler will include BOTH apps. Thank you!

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