Encryptor/Decryptor – Encrypt and decrypt files


Encryptor/Decryptor is a helpful tool for encrypting and decrypting files with a password using many reliable ciphers algorithms including AES, DES… it’s come with two different applications one to encrypt and the other to decrypt.

Where can you use Encryptor/Decryptor?

  • Protect files while sharing or transferring via Internet or USB…
  • Protect your private files
  • Prevent others from using your files
  • ….


  • Two executable applications: on for encrypting and the other for decrypting
  • Very friendly user interface using Material Design
  • Drag-and-drop files
  • Support 7 cipher algorithms (used to encrypt and decrypt)
  • Supported algorithms

    • AES
    • DES
    • TripleDES
    • Rabbit
    • RabbitLegacy
    • RC4
    • RC4Drop

Vendor Information

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