Hide Post and Page for WordPress – Hide specific post from Category,Home and Search result page


WordPress Hide Post Control the visibility of post type items like pages, posts and custom post type. Hidden in specific part. But other part still visible.

WordPress Hide Post Control the visibility of a post in different views:

  • The Front Page (Homepage, depending on your theme, this may not be relevant)
  • The Category Page (listing the posts belonging to a category)
  • The Tag Page (listing the posts tagged with a given tag)
  • The Authors Page (listing the posts belonging to an author)
  • The Archive Pages (listing the posts belonging to time period: month, week, day, etc..)
  • The Search Results
  • Feeds
  • Recent Post( listing the post recent post widgets)
  • Meta rel Link(Hidden the Single post pervious and next post link)

WordPress Hide Post Control the visibility of a page in different views:

  • Hide a page on the front page (homepage) only.
  • Hide a page everywhere in the blog (hiding the page in the search results is optional).

Main Features

Here are Main features of WordPress Hide Post:

  • Post hidden form front page
  • Post hidden form category page
  • Post hidden form tag page
  • Post hidden form Author page
  • Post hidden form Archive page
  • Post hidden form search result
  • Post hidden form recent posts
  • Page hidden form front page
  • Page hidden everywhere

Change Logs

1.0 – 17 July, 2019

- initial release

1.1.0 – 25 Sep, 2019

- Fix getting error while saving post 
- Put a check if woocommerce is not installed 

Vendor Information