Apna Order- Restaurant App Flutter UI Kit




  • Android Studio Version: 4.0.1
  • Flutter 2.7.0 < 3.0.0
  • Font Quicksand
  • APK APK Version: 1.0 compileSdkVersion: 28 minSdkVersion: 16 targetSdkVersion: 28




  • Pattern mobx flutter_modular

mobx command: – flutter pub get – flutter packages pub run build_runner build –delete-conflicting-outputs – flutter packages pub run build_runner watch – flutter packages pub run build_runner clean && flutter packages pub run build_runner build –delete-conflicting-outputs


pubspec.yaml open.

flutter_icons: android: “launcher_icon” ios: true image_path: “assets/images/app_icon.png”

Terminal command: flutter pub get flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main


  • Change language and change theme
  • .

  • Order history search.
  • Order choice you (for example you can order pizza that options are available small, large etc.)
  • Order cancel.
  • Order history search.
  • Favourite.
  • Order edit.

Which software open this application :

  • Android studio
  • VS Code


Package detail :

  • Apna order application 6 packages available in lib folder
  • You can change color and style that file name utils package inside color_blue.dart, color_orange.dart and style.dart.
  • Current package name: com.jdkgroup.apnaorder

1) model 2) module Every screen create own module. That are contains store file, bind and routes. 3) shared o api call, local storage that use share all screen data. 4) store o mobx and .g dart file 5) ui o page: UI o clipper: for example ProfileClipper. o widget: common widget. 6) utils o utils contain constant, routes, font, color, api, image in assets set the path etc. 7) component o component contain the animated related files. AppModule (app_module.dart) That is create single instance and define the module and screen.

o That is contains: bind: Object initialized.

URL_BASE: set the url for api calling. Bind((i) =>Dio(BaseOptions(baseUrl: URL_BASE))), routers: root define. bootstrap: Theme, Font, First screen open define.

List<Bind>get binds => [ Bind<IRepository>((i) =>Repository(i.get<Dio>())), Bind<ISharedLocalRepository>((i) =>LocalStorageRepository()), Bind((i) =>Dio(BaseOptions(baseUrl: URL_BASE))), Bind((i) =>LocalStore()), Bind((i) =>ThemeController()), ]; List<ModularRouter>get routers => [ ModularRouter(firstLaunchRoute, child: (, args) =>SplashPage()), ModularRouter(loginRoute, module: LoginModule()), ModularRouter(signUpRoute, module: SignUpModule()), ModularRouter(forgotPasswordRoute, module: ForgotPasswordModule()), ModularRouter(changePasswordRoute, module: ChangePasswordModule()), ModularRouter(homeRoute, module: HomeModule()), ModularRouter(choiceRoute, module: ChoiceModule()), ModularRouter(categoryRoute, module: CategoryModule()), ModularRouter(offerRoute, module: OfferModule()), ModularRouter(orderRoute, module: OrderModule()), ModularRouter(historyRoute, module: HistoryModule()), ModularRouter(profileEditRoute, module: ProfileEditModule()), ModularRouter(contactUsRoute, child: (, args) =>ContactPage()), ModularRouter(profileRoute, child: (_, args) =>ProfilePage()), ModularRouter(orderDetailRoute, module: OrderDetailModule()), ModularRouter(orderPaymentRoute, module: OrderDeliveryAddressModule()), ModularRouter(favouriteRoute, module: FavouriteModule()), ModularRouter(historyDetailRoute, module: HistoryDetailModule()), ModularRouter(settingRoute, module: SettingModule()), ModularRouter(promoCodeRoute, module: PromoCodeModule()) ];


  • Splash Screen
  • Login Screen
  • Forgot password Screen
  • Sign up Screen
  • Menu Screen
  • Category Screen
  • Your Choice Screen
  • Order edit Screen
  • Order Screen
  • Favourite Screen
  • Payment Screen
  • Order history Screen
  • Order detail
  • Profile Screen
  • Change password Screen
  • Contact us Screen
  • Setting
  • Drawer Screen
  • Logout


  • Splash Screen(splash_page.dart) Navigation: Login, Home Logo define _checkLogin() function redirect screen login or home. boolisLogin = (await prefs.get(isLoginPref) ?? false); isLogin true then redirect home page otherwise login page.
  • Login Screen(login_page.dart) Validation, Login API call Navigation: Sign Up, Forgot password and Home
  • Forgot password Screen(forgot_password_page.dart) Validation, Forgot password API call Navigation: Login
  • Sign up Screen (sign_up_page.dart) Validation, Sign up API call Navigation: Home
  • Menu Screen(menu_page.dart) Menu name Navigation: Category Screen
  • Category Screen (category_page.dart) Category list, favourite, offer view. Navigation: Choice Screen
  • Your Choice Screen (choice_page.dart) Select your choice different option available (oil, ghee, small, medium etc). You can select the option of your choice. Navigation: Choice Screen
  • Functionality:
    1) Dynamic option 2) Category related offer and your order display the bottom list. 3) Your order you can update.

  • Order edit Screen(order_detai_pagel.dart.dart) Order update then changes 2 two screen. 1) Choice screen bottom order list 2) Home screen.
  • Order Screen(order_page.dart.dart) Your order. Navigation: Payment Screen.
  • Functionality: 1) Order add and remove.

  • Promo Code Screen (promo_code_page.dart.dart)
  • Favourite Screen (favourite_pagel.dart)
  • Payment Screen(order_payment_page.dart) Navigation: Promo code Screen Your name, email, mobile and address that field fill up.
  • Order history Screen(history_page.dart) Your order history display. Navigation: Order Detail Screen
  • Functionality: 1) Search using order date. 2) CANCEL order.

  • Order Detail Screen (order_detail_page.dart)
  • Profile Screen (profile_page.dart) Navigation: Profile edit Screen
  • Profile Edit (profile_edit_page.dart)
  • Change password Screen (change_password_page.dart)
  • Contact us Screen(contact_page.dart)
  • Drawer Screen (common_drawer.dart)
  • Logout Navigation: Login Screen

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