AirWare Mac App Website Template

AirWare Mac App Website Template

AirWare is a Mac App Website Template packed with all kinds of great features to bring you a professional website for your App, without much hassle.


  • Custom MacBook Air content slider can hold any type of content! Flash, images, videos, audio, html, text, etc. can all be included in your slides.
  • Slick jQuery pageload effects gives your app website a nice Apple style fade in.
  • jQuery hover / fade social links.
  • Custom slide-in subscription form with slick jQuery effects.
  • Over 160 icons included with ready to use CSS classes for each one!
  • Includes full documentation on how to use advanced features.

The Page Load Effect

The page fade in effect is done all with jquery meaning most browsers will not have any trouble with it. This effect does degrade nicely for unsupported browsers and those that do not have JS enabled. The content will simply show as it normally would while the page is loading / done loading.


Last Update: November 8, 2012
Created: November 2, 2011