Whatsapp for Midrub InboxAll


Whatsapp for Midrub InboxAll is a network option which could be integrated with the Midrub InboxAll app.

Demo Video: https://youtu.be/lfS__qEv1QA

Midrub InboxAll is an app for Midrub which shows you in real time the last private messages, direct messages, comments and tweets from the social networks. You can see all your private activity in one place. In addition, you can connect as many social accounts as you want. The Midrub InboxAll allows you even to reply to the received private messages, direct messages, comments and tweets.

The Midrub InboxAll has support for networks. With networks i mean social networks, email services, blogs, etc. You can create your network which will integrate new features in the Midrub InboxAll app. The Midrub InboxAll app has documentation for developers.

The Whatsapp(Twilio) network for the Midrub InboxAll app is a separate network, which is not included by default in the Midrub InboxAll app. You can buy it and use it to receive Whatsapp’s messages in real time. The Midrub InboxAll app will show you the messages with text, images, links and videos. You can reply to messages with text, links and emojis.

The connection of the Whatsapp’s phone numbers in the Midrub InboxAll app requires your Account SID and Auth Token from Twilio. You will click on a button to connect the Whatsapp ’s phone numbers(you will enter the Account SID and Auth Token and next all phone numbers will be connected in Midrub) or you can use a Whatsapp’s phone numbers connected in other Midrub’s apps. After connection, you have to click on the user green button which is in the same area with the connected Whatsapp’s phone numbers. If you want, you can unsubscribe the Whatsapp’s phone number to be followed, you have to click on the red button with the user icon from the same place where you have clicked before to subscribe(when the phone number is subscribed, the follow icon is red).

Whatsapp in Midrub works through the Twilio network. Your clients could connect their Whatsapp numbers from Twilio and they will receive messages and will be able to reply. The messages aren’t free. Each message costs about 0.01$.

Midrub uses 100% legal way for Whatsapp and you can start a legal business based on Whatsapp. Whatsapp for InboxAll is the first tool, but will be even Marketing and Chatbot in the following 2-3 weeks and you can provide advanced solutions based on Whatsapp to your clients.

The Twilio network can be limited per plan too as other networks in Midrub. You can disable access for a plan, by disabling the Twilio network in the plan’s page.

Configuration Documentation: https://www.midrub.com/categories/inboxall-4

Usage Documentation: https://www.midrub.com/categories/inboxall-2

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