Twitter for Midrub InboxAll


Twitter for Midrub InboxAll is a network option which could be integrated with the Midrub InboxAll app.

To understand better what is Twitter for the Midrub InboxAll app please watch this video

Midrub InboxAll is an app for Midrub which shows you in real time the last private messages, direct messages, comments and tweets from the social networks. You can see all your private activities in one place. In addition, you can connect as many social accounts as you want. The Midrub InboxAll allows you even to reply to the received  private messages, direct messages, comments and tweets. 

The Midrub InboxAll  has support for networks. With networks i mean social networks, email services, blogs, etc. You can create your network which will integrate new features in the Midrub InboxAll app. The Midrub InboxAll app has documentation for developers.

The Twitter network for the Midrub InboxAll app  is a separate network, which is not included by default in the Midrub InboxAll app. You can buy it and use it to receive direct messages and tweets in real time. The Midrub InboxAll app will show you the tweets and direct messages with text, images, links and video cover + direct link. You can reply to the tweets and direct messages with text, links and emojis. 

The connection of the Twitter’s accounts in the Midrub InboxAll app  requires same process like has Facebook. You will click on a button to connect the Twitter’s accounts or you can use a Twitter’s accounts connected in other Midrub’s apps. After connection, you have to click on the user green button which is in the same area with the connected Twitter’s accounts. The Twitter accounts will be subscribed to the Twitter webhook and you will get notifications + content. If you want, you can unsubscribe the Twitter’s account from the webhook, you have to click on the red button with the user icon from the same place where you have clicked before to subscribe(when the account is subscribed, the follow icon is red).

With the Twitter network for the Midrub InboxAll app your clients will be able to see the Twitter notification after two clicks(accounts connection + subscription to the Twitter’s webhook). Whenever them will want, will be able to unsubscribe their accounts from your webhook.

Before purchase the Twitter network for the Midrub InboxAll it’s important to know that this network uses the Twitter webhooks which aren’t available for free. You can use the Twitter webhooks only for personal use or with maximum 15 connected accounts. You won’t have too many restrictions with reading and replying to the tweets. The problem will be with the direct messages, which can be open/read about 3 in 5 minutes. These restrictions are only for free use. With paid plan, you will have more advantages with same network in the Midrub InboxAll app. 

The network can be limited per plan too as other networks in Midrub. You can disable access for a plan, by disabling the Twitter network in the plan’s page.   

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