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What is Quizzio ?


Quizzio is a PHP based application through which you can create a quizing website. Users can play and create quizzes. They can embed quizzes to their websites. By purchasing credits they can make a quiz exclusively embedded to single domain.

Introducing Premium Quizzes

Normally Quizzio gives users the option of embeding quizzes to their website. A user creates a quiz but there can be multiple users embedding that quiz to their websites, in addition to the quiz being available on Quizzio based website.

But by purchasing credits the user can make his created quiz “private”. The premium quiz can be embedded to a single domain of his choice. No user can embed that quiz, nor will the quiz be available on Quizzio based website.

The catch is that every time the quiz is played on the user website(where he embedded the quiz), 1 credit is consumed. So the user has to make sure that there are enough credits in his account so that the quiz remain premium.

Frontend Features


To check the premium properties click here

  1. Theme Based
    You can upload themes to a theme directory to change the look of the frontend.
  2. Facebook Login
    Login is done through Facebook connect.
  3. Quiz Categories and Sub-Categories
    There can be 3 main categories, 6 sub-categories in each main category. Each category can have an associated icon.
  4. Users Can Create Quizzes
    Both trivia and personality type quizzes are supported. They can also hide, unhide or delete their created quizzes.
  5. Play Quizzes
    Special attention has been paid with regard to the user experience when a user starts playing a quiz. Users can comment on quizzes using Facebook Comments.
  6. Sound On Correct & Wrong Answers
    It is a kind of a buzzer sound. Users can mute the sounds from their end.
  7. Quiz Embed Codes
    Users can embed a quiz to their website using the embed codes.
  8. Premium Quiz Embedding
    Users can purchase credits and make a quiz premium. See the above section “Introducing Premium Quizzes”.
  9. Purchase Credits Through Paypal
    Payment is processed through Paypal Express Checkout Api
  10. Transaction Details
    Users can see transaction details for their purchased credits.
  11. Multilingual Support
    Each language has its own set of categories & sub categories. While creating a quiz the user can specify the quiz language. Quizzes of that language will be seen only in that language’s sub-site.
  12. RTL Support
    Required for RTL based languages such as Arabic, Hebrew etc.
  13. Responsive
    Quizzio will work good in PC’s, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Admin Section Features


  1. Setup Multilingual Support
    You can add upto 4 language sub-sites [ Example site.com, site.com/de-DE, site.com/ar-Ar etc ]
    You can add categories and subcategories, upload language files and email templates for each language.
  2. Setup Categories & Sub-Categories
    There can be 3 main categories, 6 sub-categories in each main category. Each category can have an associated icon.
  3. Update Site Settings
    Update site settings such as logo, site name, Facebook api keys, Google Analytics codes, maximum image upload size, font & social share image.
  4. Upload Sound Files
    You can enable sound for wrong/correct answer (for trivia based quizes). Please note that sound files are not provided with Quizzio. However they can be purchased from AudioJungle for as low as $1.
  5. Update Email Settings
    Emails are sent in cases like to confirm email change of users, when admin deletes a user’s quiz or when user’s credits have finished (for premium quizzes). You can add email templates for each of these conditions for each language.
    You can use normal PHP-Mail or update SMTP information.
  6. Update Ads Settings
    You can add upto 4 ads. Each ad can have a maximum size of 300 * 250 pixels.
  7. View Quiz Statistics By Date
    View statistics like Quizzes Views, Quizzes Played, Quizzes Fully Played, Quizzes Shares, Quizzes Comments, Quizzes Created, Users Joined, Credits Consumed By Premium Quizzes & Credits Purchased By Users. You can filter statistics by date.
  8. View Quiz List
    You can view the quizzes in the database filtered by language. You can delete quizzes.
  9. Feature – Unfeature Quizzes
    5 featured quizzes can be viewed in the home page presented as a slider. You can feature or unfeature quizzes for each language.
  10. View Individual Quiz Statistics
    You can see statistics like Views Count, Played Count, Fully Played Count, Shares Count, Comments Count and Credits Consumed Count for individual quizzes.
  11. Setup Premium Quizzes
    You can enable or disable premiun quizzes. If you choose to enable you can setup information such as pricing of credits, currency(USD, EUR or GBP) and Paypal Api keys (sandbox & live)
  12. View Transactions
    View Transaction Details. You can also see transations that are currently pending (like in cases of multicurrency, although will happen rarely). You can check the status of these pending transactions.
  13. View User List
    View the users in your database with their emails.
  14. View CRONs status
    Quizzio uses 2 cron jobs. One to generate popular posts(filtered by lifetime, last day, views count, shares count, plays count and comments count) for quizzes of each language. The second cron job refreshes the security token required

    for public AJAX calls.
    You can view the time when these cron jobs were last executed.

  15. Update Locale Settings
    Update the default language of your website and its timezone.
  16. Update Login / Password
    Update admin login email & password.


Quizzio provides 2 ways of monetiation :

  1. Ads
    You can add upto 4 ads from the admin section of size upto 300 * 250 pixels.
  2. Premium Quizzes
    You can setup pricing for premium quizzes and user can purchase credits with Paypal.

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