QuickPoll – Easy Poll Creator


QuickPoll is a straw-poll application which allows you to create polls, view polls, and vote!
It’s similar to StrawPoll.

The demo site is in demo mode, as such, you can’t change any data.


  • Create Polls:
    Create a poll by entering a question, and adding choices.
  • Discover Polls:
    Using the homepage or the discover page, you can find polls made by users.
  • Vote on Polls:
    One-click to vote on polls and view the analytics.
  • Poll Analytics:
    View all poll responses and poll analytics.
  • Export:
    Export your poll responses and poll analytics.
  • Share Link Tracking:
    Using the share-link you can view all of link clicks.
  • Public Profiles:
    Every user has a public profile with their created polls.
  • Activity Logs:
    All activity is logged, so you can monitor your account.
  • Two Factor Authentication:
    Add 2FA to protect your account. Setting up is easy, scan the QR code with an authenticator app!
  • Powerful Admin Tool:
    The admin tool lets you view all polls, users, manage settings and more!
  • Translator Tool:
    Within the admin tool, you can manage all of your translations. It provides a GUI interface for adding translations, removing and more.
  • Nybbl’s Update Tool:
    Keeping your application up to date is easier than ever, with our new one-click update system.

System Requirements:

  • PHP 7.0+
  • NGINX or Apache
  • MySQL or MariaDB

Demo Information:

Admin Username: admin@example.org
Admin Password: admin123@


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1.0.1 – December 2018


  • Added a dynamic button for the oauth providers in the Login / Register views.
  • Added the Account entity to the install setup.
  • If the application is installed, the installController returns 404.
  • Can now login and register using a Google OAuth Provider!


  • Changed the label for EnableGoogleOAuth form element.
  • Update event is now triggered on software update.


  • Removed the test redirectUri from the GoogleClientFactory
  • Removed unused imports from UpdateService.


  • Fixed bug with install route 404.
  • Fixed bug with not being able to access /install/complete.

Vendor Information

  • Store Name: Clickatory
  • Vendor: Clickatory
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