Midrub Wmarketing – send promotional messages to Whatsapp contacts


Midrub Wmarketing is an app for Midrub. You can’t use it without Midrub. In Addition you need the Wchatbot app.

Demo video: https://youtu.be/55ajeDVwIDc

Midrub Wmarketing is an app for Midrub which allows to send promotional messages to your Whatsapp contacts. This app can’t be used for spam and you can’t use it to import contacts. 

How the Midrub Wmarketing  app really works?

  • First of all you need the Midrub Wchatbot app.
  • Once you have it, you have to configure it to auto-reply to the received messages.
  • Every time when  Midrub Wchatbot will reply to a message with a Quick Reply, will save te contact as subscriber with the Quick Replies categories.
  • For example a Quick Reply has the Category 1 and Category 2. Every user which will get the Quick Reply, will receive automatically the categories Category 1 and Category 2.
  • After this you can use the Midrub Wmarketing app to create a Promotional Message and select the category Category 1 or Category 2 to send the promotional message to all subscribers which have the category.
  • The Midrub Wmarketing app will show you how many subscribers have the selected categories.
  • Once saved, the promotional message will show you how many subscribers have received it and who haven’t received it. You will see in the list the subscribers in the Promotional Message page.

The Midrub Wmarketing  has even the automatizations. How the automatimations works? First of all you have to create an automatization and select the time when the automatization message will be sent. You have to select the categories(for example Category 1). After this, every time when the Midrub Wchatbot app will save a subscriber with the category Category 1, will be sent the promotional message to the saved subscriber.

Each automatization shows you how many subscribers have received it. You can see the subscribers list. Also, it shows the sent messages number per day in the last 30 days. Anytime you can edit the automatization.

In the Audit Logs page you can see the most popular automatizations in the last 30 days. You can filter them by Whatsapp number. Also, the Audit Logs page shows the total number of automatized messages send per day in the last 30 days.

The Midrub Wmarketing is a Midrub app and it can be enabled per plan and used as SAAS. Team owners can restrict it’s access per team’s role.

The Midrub Wmarketing  like the Midrub Wchatbot app is based on Twilio and your clients should have a Twilio account.

Configuration Documentation: https://www.midrub.com/categories/wmarketing-4

Usage Documentation: https://www.midrub.com/categories/wmarketing

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