Midrub Facebook Marketing – automatize and send promotional messages with templates in Messenger


Midrub Facebook Marketing is an app for Midrub. You can’t use it without Midrub.

The goal of this app is to send automatic promotional or non promotional messages to your Facebook Messenger contacts.

Demo Video: https://youtu.be/HN1fYfbcVRM

How the Midrub Facebook Marketing app works?

  • To use this app you need to have the Midrub Facebook Chatbot app or the Midrub Facebook Commenter app.
  • Both the Midrub Facebook Chatbot app and the Midrub Facebook Commenter saves as subscribers all people which are contacting you with Facebook Pages messenger.
  • All subscribers could be saved automatically in a category or several categories and you have the option to add/remove manually categories to your subscribers.
  • Once you have saved subscribers, you can use the Midrub Facebook Marketing app to send automatic or manual messages to all your subscribers.

How to send automatic messages to your subscribers?

  • You can create an automatization in the Automatizations page.
  • For each automatizations you can select one or more categories.
  • Once you have new subscribers which have one category from any created automatizations, the Midrub Facebook
    Marketing app will send the automatization’s message. Could be plain text or message.
  • You can see stats for each automatic message and subscribers which have been received the automatization’s
    message. Also you will see error messages if exists.

How works the Promotional Messages?

  • With automatizations you can send one message for life to a subscriber but with the Promotional Messages feature you can send as many as you want. Please read even the Facebook terms.
  • From the Promotional Messages page you can create a new promotional message. You can select one or more categories and you will see in real time how many subscribers have the categories and will receive the message.
  • Once created the promotional message, it will be sent at the scheduled time.
  • For each promotional message you can see how many subscribers have received the message and errors.

In the Subscribers page you will see the list with subscribers and with their categories. You can select or unselect categories. Another interesting feature is the list with messages where you can see the subscribers messages and responses.

The Audit Logs page you can see how many messages were sent per day. The page shows stats only for automatizations because the Promotional Messages feature could be enabled/disabled per plan.

The Midrub Facebook Marketing app allows you to restrict access based on the Team’s Role. Also you can restrict the number of the sent private messages per plan.

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