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Are you looking for a reliable social networking script? Did you find what you were looking for!

We present to Your attention a new script, with which You can create on your website a social network. This script is perfect to create a large Dating site, or a small community.

During the creation of the script we’ve thought of:

Beautiful and easy interface,
Fast structure,
A protection system against external attacks,
Responsive design for all devices.

Offer to find out more about all features of the social network:

Easy and convenient check-in, will allow You to quickly add new users to Your site, well thought-out system of protection against substitution errors, will allow to warn the user in entering incorrect data, or lack thereof. The code below allows to protect the site from automatic account creation to ensure that the website is registered to a living person.

Password recovery
If You forget your password, You can use the “password Recovery”, putting your email address registered on the site, You will receive an email with the code, in which You restore access to your page.

Responsive design
Currently, people often have begun to use mobile phones and tablets to the Internet. Now, the use of mobile devices than personal computers and laptops. With this in mind, it became necessary to create adaptive interfaces that can adapt to any device. It is very convenient. Regardless of the type of device or Your location, You can comfortably use the social network.

Changing avatars
You can always upload an avatar and crop it on your own. Saved avatars will always be standard size.

You have the ability to add pictures. Adding photos is done in html5 and allows you to upload at one time, several photos. Uploaded photos on Your page formed ribbon, which can be reutilized. So as there is a separate section where You can view all photos. Photos open in a pop-up window that allows you to flip through photos. Any user can like or leave a comment to the photo.

You can make friends with anyone. To do this, send a request to the friend and wait for confirmation of this application. All incoming and outgoing requests will appear in Your friends.

Change of information
During Dating, people will be very interested to get the maximum amount of information about You. For this you have to fill in information in a special section of the website. It lists your contacts, education, interests, Hobbies, and other information. All information You fill will appear on Your page.

In the settings page You can change your email address or password.

Information about any action relating to You will be recorded in this section. When someone writes a comment on Your photo, put like or confirms a friend request, You will immediately be known.

You will always know who and when visited Your page and was interested in You.

On each user page there is the wall. Its purpose is blogging. You or anyone can leave a message, send text or pictures. On the wall recorded important events happening on your page, such as adding new photos.

In the search section, You can find the right person. The search is performed by search criteria using the search bar or by using both methods simultaneously. On all social network pages, at the top is a mini search, with its help You can quickly find the right person.

Communication between people in the social network occurs in this section. Here You can see the read and unread conversations, and have a conversation with another person. During a conversation You can send photos and emoticons, when Your partner starts to print a message, You’ll see it. New messages will come to You live taping.

On each social network page, in the left, upper part of the menu. It in real time displays the new information. New posts, news, visits, responses and other events.

Any event taking place in Your friend, immediately appears in the news. You will always be aware of all the events.

General chat
If You want to have a good time, and socialize in the company, in the news section there is a General chat. In this section you can chat from a lot of people. There is a private communication. During a private communication with another person, Your conversation no one can see except You.

We tried very hard to create beautiful and modern social networking script. We think we succeeded. This is only the beginning. The work continues, we will Refine, develop and complicate the social network, eventually it will be new functions and it will get better.

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