Babbel – Collective Intelligence


Babbel is a social network where the community generated knowledge. Babbel included as features: Messages, Live Chat, Comments, Share’s, Like’s, #Hashtags (in status), @Mentions (in status), Real-time Notifications. Users will have a private profiles, or public profiles. Also can report articles deemed offensive. The community can create unlimited articles and organize them into unlimited categories. With Babbel: Start interacting with the community, Create and share your favorite content, Vote what you like about the site, Find and follow friends, Promote and increase traffic to your site, Being part of Collective Intelligence!

These are only some of the functionalities that do of “Babbel” the ideal social network to generate collective knowledge.



User: usermain

Pass: 123456


  • Authentication: You can authenticate with Facebook, Twitter, or your email.
  • Unlimited articles: Users can generate the articles they want. This is unlimited.
  • Unlimited categories: Articles may be organized into unlimited categories.
  • Cover and Photo in User Profile: Babbel is in keeping with the trend of modern social networks. Babbel provides a user profile with photo and cover.
  • Update your status: Update your status, which will be seen only by his followers. You can attach photos, videos (Youtube o Vimeo) or audios (SoundCloud) on each status. You can decorate your status with a group of emoticons, if you want to. You can always delete a status, if you do not like.
  • Who is online: You can always see who of your “followings” are online. This, in order to have a conversation, or to send messages.
  • Notifications in Real Time: Constantly you will receive notifications in real time. When someone comments on your status or articles, When someone becomes your follower, when someone made like on your status or article, etc.
  • Preview Card: You can see a “preview” of a user profile through an Preview Card.
  • #Hashtag and @Mentions: Use # to create hashtags you want. Use @username to mention any user, in your status, and comments (only for status).
  • Trending #Hashtag: Displays the trend, according to hashtags (only for status).
  • Live Chat: Talk to your followers using a private chat.
  • Open Graph meta tags.
  • Sitemap.
  • Tags.functionality is implemented
  • Recommended Post added on each article.
  • 100% Responsive: Observe it on any device (desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets). It is 100% responsive.

… and much more. Check the demo now.


Please leave us a message through this contact form and we will be glad to help!


Update V1.5 [ 09 July 2018 ]

  • The login with Facebook has been optimized.
  • Password recovery has been optimized.
  • The Bad words filters was optimized.
  • Some code blocks were improved.
  • Update V1.4 [ 21 January 2018 ]

  • The login with Facebook was updated.
  • Users are allowed to create articles without having to enter a thumbnail.
  • Now users can insert in their articles Tweets, Facebook Post, Facebook Videos, and Instagram Photos.
  • Some code blocks were improved.
  • Update V1.3 [ 22 January 2016 ]

  • Improved modules creation and editing articles.
  • The search module was improved.
  • SEO for categories improved.
  • Recommended Post added on each article.
  • Tags functionality is implemented.
  • Update V1.2 [ 15 January 2016 ]

  • The user registration process is improved.
  • Improved login via Facebook.
  • Improved the “Sitemap”. Categories added in the list.
  • Improved content editor.
  • Now you can upload images from the computer to insert into the contents.
  • Update V1.1 [ 12 January 2016 ]

  • Improved display of articles in the user profile.
  • A style is added to allow bold (strong) in the contents.
  • Added a limit on the number of characters in the title of the items. This can be set in the area administrator.
  • Was removed the “TOP TEN”, now considered “TOP USERS”. The number of users top, can be adjusted in the area administrator.
  • Comments articles, can be enriched or not enriched. This can be configured in the administrator area.
  • Added OG tags.
  • Added bad words filters.
  • Now the administrator can edit the articles.
  • Added sitemap.
  • The number of elements displayed on the homepage, can be adjusted from the area administrator.
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