HighExpress – The Ultimate PHP Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace


HighExpress is a PHP eCommerce Multi-Vendor MarketPlace Script,
HighExpress is the best way to create your own multi-vendor marketplace.

The features of the HighExpress are, that it is very simple to install,
a convenient and intuitive user interface, fast and secured, and also regularly updated.

Highexpress allows any user to buy and also sell their products,
and also includes all the necessary tools for managing the content of your store.

Why Should I Choose HighExpress?

If you are going to create your own online store, or create a marketplace platform for sellers to earn from their sales, then this is the script you need.


  1. It has a modern, most convenient, simple, and intuitive interface even for an inexperienced person.
  2. It allows absolutely anyone to open their own store.
  3. It has all the necessary tools for managing your online commerce, both for the Admin and for the Merchants
  4. Finally, it is safe, fast and regularly updated.

How it works?

  1. First of all, you create a marketplace, providing your users with convenient and complete functionality for conducting their trading on your site
  2. Absolutely any user, including the administrator of your site, can create his own store on your market, and sell his goods
  3. The site admin receives the percentage commission determined by him from each sale on his site, and pays the earnings of sellers through each specific period

Key Features

The Key Features of HighExpress Script

Payments Gateways

  1. Paypal
  2. Stripe
  3. User Wallet
  4. Cash on Delivery

Features List

  • System of obtaining interest from sales of the seller
  • Bootstrap Based Responsive Design
  • User Registration System
  • Social Login System
  • Product Review Adding System
  • Purchase by Paypal, Stripe & User Wallet, Cash on Delivery
  • Payment methods Disabling/Enabling system
  • User/Merchant blocking system
  • User/Merchant verification system
  • Merchant/Admin Dashboard Statistics
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Multi-Admin System
  • Multi Variations/Single Product Adding System
  • Merchant Earnings Payout System by Paypal.
  • Multi Language Support
  • Language Adding System
  • Merchant Products Approval System
  • Category Adding System
  • Withdrawl Requests Management System
  • User Notifications System
  • User Wishlist System
  • User Chat/Messaging System
  • User/Customer Orders Management System
  • Order Cancellation & Refund System
  • User Wallet Management System
  • Currencies Adding and Management System
  • Amazon S3 Image Storage System
  • And much more…

Our F.A.Qs

If you have additional questions about this script, then you can first try to find them from this documentation, or contact us highexpresstore@gmail.com if you could not find the answer to your question

Demo Credentials

You can simply and quickly create an account in order to check the demo version


v1.0.4 [02 July, 2020]

  • [Refactoring] improvement and debugging of all script code (PHP, Js, SQL, HTML, CSS, etc..)
  • Removed Removed required login to view products
  • Fixed previous errors with mail index, etc.

v1.0.3 [06 March, 2020]

  • [Fixed] Previous several important bugs
  • [Improved] User interface design
  • [Improved] Removed some restrictions, (required fields, terms, etc..)
  • [Added] Multiadmin adding & managing system
  • [Added] Payment methods Disabling/Enabling system
  • [Added] User blocking system for admin
  • [Added] COD payment method
  • [Added] User/Merchant verification system
  • [Added] User editing system for admin
  • [Improved] And many more minor changes that improve the quality of the script as a whole

v1.0.2 [01 February, 2020]

  • [Fixed] Several important bugs
  • [Improved] Statistics display systems
  • [Improved] User interface design
  • [Added] Categories management system
  • [Added] Languages management system
  • [Added] Currencies management system
  • [Added] Ability to change the position of a currency symbol
  • [Added] Added product enabling and disabling the system for sellers
  • [Added] Added product variations editing system

v1.0.1 [15 January, 2020]

  • [Fixed] Several important security issues
  • [Fixed] Several layout (interface) bugs
  • [Added] Changelogs timeline page
  • [Added] Account confirmation system via email
  • [Improved] Statistics display systems
  • [Added] Several categories
  • [Added] Page scrolling button
  • [Added] (Logo & Favicon) uploading function to admin panel
  • [Added] Advanced settings page
  • [Added] Amazon S3 image storage system


  • [Release] Version v1.0 released on 29 December, 2019

Vendor Information

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  • Vendor: mansur_tl
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