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Shopify was launched in 2008, since the day 1 the platform increase its popularity. Having a Shopify store is one of the easiest way to start selling online. With built-in modules and a wide application network Shopify specialized in e-commerce and had millions of users around the globe. With Shopify themes you can easily create an online store that looks modern and responsive. On our Shopify page you can find core features of Shopify platform and learn about the reasons to choose ready-made Shopify themes.

Shopify themes have modern look and tailored layouts. It gives you a lean and powerful platform to sell online. You can start with few clicks and expand to new features while your online business grows. At Clickatory we offer responsive and modern Shopify themes in various categories such as multipurpose, single product, beauty, technology or fashion.

Have questions about Shopify? Ask our experts for business and technical support to get useful documentation and suggestions. For frequently ask questions about Shopify platform don’t miss to read our FAQ section below.

Shopify Themes FAQ

What does Shopify do?

Shopify is a popular platform that enables entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized companies to start their own business with no-code features and without a requirement of having the technical expertise to build a website. Shopify platform offers users e-commerce tools including payment gateways to let users make secure payments with credit cards.

Shopify users can make customizations on their storefronts, create performance reports and manage their e-commerce operations on a cloud platform. Shopify includes multiple options from hosting, admin dashboards, SEO tools and responsive design.

Is Shopify free to use?

No, Shopify is a paid platform. You can start using the platform with it’s 14 days free trial. After the trial period you need to choose one of the Basic, Standard or Advanced Shopify packages.

Shopify doesn’t have a free plan for now, the pricing of Shopify as follows*:
$29 for Shopify Basic
$79 for Shopify Standard
$299 for Shopify Advanced

*Prices are based on Shopify 2021 pricing, actual prices can be different. For updated pricing please refer to Shopify Pricing.

Where can I host my Shopify store?

You can use Shopify platform itself to host your website. Shopify hosting provide a wide range of hosting features to store your website with a secure way. If you host your website on Shopify platform you don’t need to pay extra charges. All Shopify plans include website hosting with additional features including unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificate, custom website domains and e-mail forwarding.

If you want to host your store in an independent hosting provider, instead, you can also choose this option. Many well-known hosting providers offer Shopify hosting options as well.

How does payment work on Shopify?

Shopify Payments works in sync with your store, you can view your payouts directly in the Shopify dashboard. If your website has Shopify Payments enabled, you can receive payments through Shopify Payouts when a customer pays using Shopify Payments and specific accelerated checkouts. When your customers pay with using a third-party payment gateway, then you won’t see your payout information in your Shopify admin. Third-party payment providers have their own reporting and payout dashboards.

The payment periods on Shopify can differ according to your region or payment application you use. In most cases Shopify payment duration is between 2-4 business days.

What are the best paid Shopify themes?

At Clickatory we have thousands of Shopify themes, there are more on the web. To find the best Shopify theme that fits you the best you need to choose your primary category. Fashion, electronics, retail, beauty or sports can be your primary product category. You can start searching for themes after you made the decision. Do you plan to launch a Shopify store with a large inventory? Checkout 3 Shopify themes for large inventory stores.