Postal Code Solution


Postal Code Solution aims to help anyone who needs light-weight postal code data source solutions in their web applications. We care about the valuable time developers spend, so we offer the solution.

Available Countries

AD – Andorra, AR – Argentina, AS – American Samoa, AT – Austria, AU – Australia, AX – Aland Islands, AZ – Azerbaijan, BD – Bangladesh, BE – Belgium, BG – Bulgaria, BM – Bermuda, BR – Brazil, BY – Belarus, CA – Canada, CH – Switzerland, CL – Chile, CO – Colombia, CR – Costa Rica, CZ – Czech Republic, DE – Germany, DK – Denmark, DO – Dominican Republic, DZ – Algeria, EE – Estonia, ES – Spain, FI – Finland, FM – Federated States of Micronesia, FO – Faroe Islands, FR – France, GB – Great Britain, GF – French Guiana, GG – Guernsey, GL – Greenland, GP – Guadeloupe, GT – Guatemala, GU – Guam, HR – Croatia (Hrvatska), HU – Hungary, IE – Ireland, IM – Isle of Man, IN – India, IS – Iceland, IT – Italy, JE – Jersey, JP – Japan, KR – Korea, Republic of, LI – Liechtenstein, LK – Sri Lanka, LT – Lithuania, LU – Luxembourg, LV – Latvia, MC – Monaco, MD – Moldova, MH – Marshall Islands, MK – Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of, MP – Northern Mariana Islands, MQ – Martinique, MT – Malta, MW – Malawi, MX – Mexico, MY – Malaysia, NC – New Caledonia, NL – Netherlands, NO – Norway, NZ – New Zealand, PE – Peru, PH – Philippines, PK – Pakistan, PL – Poland, PM – Saint Pierre and Miquelon, PR – Puerto Rico, PT – Portugal, PW – Palau, RE – Reunion, RO – Romania, RS – Serbia, RU – Russian Federation, SE – Sweden, SG – Singapore, SI – Slovenia, SJ – Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands, SK – Slovakia (Slovak Republic), SM – San Marino, TH – Thailand, TR – Turkey, UA – Ukraine, US – United States, UY – Uruguay, VA – Holy See (Vatican City State), VI – United States Virgin Islands, WF – Wallis and Futuna, YT – Mayotte, ZA – South Africa

What you will get?

  • Documentation
  • PHP source code(API and PHP class)
  • importer script
  • 93 countries of postal code data sets (country code, postal code, city, county, county code, state, state code, latitude, longitude)
  • Support via CodeCanyon
  • Demo Website (upon request via CodeCanyon support after purchase)


Rich Data

93 countries of postal code data sets with over 1.5 million records. Each row of postal code consists of country code, zip code, city, county, county code, state, state code, latitude, longitude.

API Ready

API provides search and get functions based on postal code, city, state, county, and coordinates. Give you the maximum flexibility in your own business needs.

Easy Integration

We work hard to save your time and effort in terms of integration. Focusing on your own part, and we provide integrations with just a few copies and paste.



Update Log 05/27/2020
1. Re-factor project to include total 93 countries of postal code data sets.

Update Log 05/24/2020
1. Restored demo and documentation page.

Update Log 12/20/2015
1. New getNearbyByZip function. Allow to get nearby zip codes by another zip code within x miles of distance.
2. Optimized search function for SQL injection purpose.


Zipcodes source available at Geonames. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.


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