PickBazar – React Ecommerce Template with Next JS, GraphQL, React Hooks & REST API


Our super-fast E-commerce template was made to help anyone start their very own online store at ease. Built with React, NextJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, Type-GraphQL & Styled-Components, our template promises to deliver an interface for your business that is quick and easy to set up! For GraphQL we used GraphQL and type-graphql, you can build your schema very easily. GraphQL playground makes its own documentation, your frontend team will love using it. We have added REST API integration with SWR for the customers who had already a REST-based backend for remote data fetching.


react ecommerce template

Pickbazar Laravel Version

react ecommerce application with laravel

Admin Access

username: admin@demo.com
password: 1234

Shop Front

- Next JS, React Apollo and GraphQL are used. [ Separate REST API based Implementation with SWR ]
- All components are written in TypeScript.
- Monorepo Supported with Lerna Configuration.
- SSR support for building highly scalable apps.

Shop Dashboard

- Create React App (CRA), React Apollo and GraphQL are used.
- Components are written in TypeScript and Base Web React UI Framework.
- Easily create products in backend.
- React Hooks Form for form handling.

react ecommerce template

Change Log

15th April

version: 5.0.2
1. packages update.
2. Fixed some previous issues.

3rd April

1. packages update.

28th November

1. Minor issues fixed from the previous update

5th November

1. All packages are updated.
2. Added a new product card.
3. Fixed some previous issues.

24th September

version: 4.0.0
1. 3 new demo added (Bakery, Grocery and Furniture)
2. Some css issue fixed

31st August

version: 3.2.1
1. Improved some code and fixed some design issues.

20th August

version: 3.2.0
1. Added Separate Restaurant package.
2. Introduced New Mobile layout.
3. Fixed some code and design issues.

30th july

version: 3.1.1
1. Bumped dependency (nextjs v9.5).
2. Added online documentation.
3. Fixed some code and design issues.

25th july

version: 3.1.0
1. Updated Apollo V3
2. Shop Rest API integration (shop-rest) package added.
3. fixed some coding and design issues.

18th july

version: 3.0.3
1. introduced site-settings folder for easy site configurations.
2. changed theme configurations for better customizations.
3. improved some component's structure.
4. improved some design facts.
5. improved internationalization naming.
6. replaced google fonts CDN by typeface.
7. added placeholder for empty cart.
8. fixed api data.

5th july

1. Fixed some console's warning and drawer issue.

30th June

version: 3.0.1
1. Moved apollo client config to SSG
2. Added service and terms, privacy policy page.
3. Fixed some console's warning.
4. Dynamic import for better code chunking.
5. Updated stripe integration to new hook base packages (replace react-stripe-elements by @stripe/stripe-js and @stripe/react-stripe-js).
6. Replaced react-moment and moment by dayjs.

16th June

version: 3.0.0

-removed redundant react import in favor of nextjs
-introduced src folder to consist with common development standard.
-new folder structure (as our growing codebase we need to provide some easy pattern so that our customers can easily customize their needs).
-provided easy to use svg component through restructuring and decoupling (custom svg).
-introduced ENV variables through .env file(because using .env is a regular development pattern and nextjs also introduce default support for .env files).
-removed nextjs aliasing in favor of nextjs build in typescript path support.
-introduced dynamic page routing for product pages.

6th June

- updated all dependency packages.
- removed isomorphic-unfetch package in favour of nextjs 9.4+
- Some Improvements of code.

20th may

1. Added brand new food/restaurant layout.
2. Improvements of code.

5th May

1. fixed some redirection links and some improvements of code .

22 Aprill

version: 2.0.2

1. All packages updated.
2. Added SEO component for better SEO
3. Removed next-css plugin in favor of default css support on nextjs
4. Removed next-fonts
5. Added new medicine demo
6. Added new checkout page
7. improved code structure

10 Aprill

1. Typescript error fixed.

21 March

1. All package updated.
2. Shop & admin hosting issues fixed.
3. Some minor bug and css issues are fixed.

17 February

1. Fixed some bugs on admin 
2. Updated some libraries 

05 February

1. New Layouts (Book & Furniture) added
2. Multilang support provided
3. RTL support provided
4. Issues Fixed
5. Libraries Updated

Full functional application with Laravel Backend of Pickbazar ECommerce

Pickbazar Laravel – React, Next, REST & GraphQL Ecommerce

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