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Wiz lets you design and develop websites the easy way (statically) and then apply a CMS in minutes after-the-fact. It can even be used on old client sites. It is meant to bridge the gap between static websites that clients can’t edit at all and full WordPress solutions that are unnecessarily complex and maintenance intensive for small brochure style websites.
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Create Simplicity

Most CMSs operate with entire pages being editable from one WYSIWYG editor. This is often overwhelming, with the clients needing to learn and use shortcodes, widgets, visual layout tools, etc. to lay out pages. In reality: they paid you to lay out the pages…not build a program for them to lay out pages. Create your layout the way you want it, then choose what parts of it are editable. Then each individual part can be edited in a separate editing instance. Simpler for the client, faster for you, and a better end product all around.

Rapid Implementation

Simpler instances of editing can literally take less than a minute to go from static to an editable piece of content and a deliverable product.

Advanced Features

Includes gallery and slider editors, file managers, rich HTML editors, etc. Just about any piece of content that you could want to manager Wiz has a feature to deal with effectively and simply. And all of them are designed to add on to simple static HTML websites with minimal time and effort while providing the simplest possible user experience. You make the CMS fit the design and coding style of the website, not the other way around.


Need custom classes and elements that the user can implement? Wiz allows you to define custom classes to apply to elements in rich editors. It even allows for custom in-editor styles to be applied to represent those classes to make editing easy. And every editor has places where you can include explanations of what they’re editing, some editing interfaces even have rollover help buttons displaying your custom text guiding the user. It’s also designed with all text easily editable for custom usage and for easy language translation.

Visual Aids

Wiz aims to make editing easy. It even includes the ability to mark certain areas of the page as editable and display boxes over them when the client uses certain key combinations, allowing them to then just click an editable area and automatically get redirected to the page for editing that bit of content. It’s almost like on page editing except many times simpler to implement and with more robust options for editing that content.

Less Maintenance

Wiz is a fire & forget solution. Without large codebases like WordPress that need to be constantly updated (which lead to themes that need to be constantly updated) a CMS like Wiz can be used for a client and then left for years and years without any maintenance needed for flawless function.

Different Philosophy

Wiz makes a dramatic shift from editors where most of the layout of a page is done in the CMS in one large block of shortcodes or WYSIWYG editing. Instead, you code the client’s website as if you are going to deliver a static final product. Then you choose parts within that layout/design to make editable. Each of those editable parts are edited from their own page in specialized editors designed for each type of content. The design and layout never need be touched by the CMS. That may not work for a blog where you need new pages laid out in the editor. But most client websites are majority or even completely brochure style with designer made and coded layouts that they only need to edit the content within. For that style website this content management philosophy is far and away the most useful. Manage content, not layouts.

How to use Wiz? See some tutorials! Wiz Content Management System - 4

Update History:

Dec. 10, 2015: v1.0.1
    - Feature: text edit multiple files from one editing instance w/ URL vars
Dec 12, 2015: v1.0.2
    - Feature: image picker multiple images from one editor w/ URL vars

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