SAM – Project Management App


SAM – Project Management Tool

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User: client
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User: pm
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SAM – is an online app which is designated to manage tasks allocation within a company with the possibility to interact with customers, for projects that are developed for an external use.

SAM – helps you to have control over your current workload, helps you manage the communication with your customers, gives you a history of your projects and help make a better use of your time. Projects and tasks have the ability to be assigned with specific deadlines (for a project or a task). This way you will always know how to use the time and how to share it between projects, in order to deliver them on time and keep your team and customers updated on each project.


Key Features

  • Friendly and easy to use UI
  • Multi-language (supports 7 languages)
  • Support Ticket API
  • Contextual help
  • Easy to install and setup using installation wizard

General Features

  • Responsive and fluid design – looks great on: desktops, tablets and mobile devices
  • Dashboard with different stats
  • Project and task management (create, edit, assign, etc)
  • Client and staff management
  • User profile
  • Transactions
  • Integrated To-Do list
  • Notifications: online and by email
  • Reports
  • Support ticket management
  • Support ticket API
  • Logs
  • General settings
  • Email stack engine for sending email notifications
  • User groups:
    • Administrator
    • Project Manager (this can be changed in whatever you want from settings)
    • Team Member (this can be changed in whatever you want from settings)
    • Client
  • Attachments in discussions/comments:
    • Allowed files: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, odt, pdf, csv, txt, jpg, jpeg, png, zip, psd, ai
    • Max file size: 10MB
    • Simultaneous file upload: 5
    • Thumbnail for images: yes



A summary of projects, tasks, tasks per projects, billable hours and relevant information based on the user’s group.


A list of all projects is displayed providing critical information (name, client, status, due date) and the possibility to view tasks or details from that project. Or if you are a project manager or admin user you can add/edit or delete projects.

When a project is created, the project becomes “In Progress” and it will be updated to complete by the PM once all the tasks are completed. All tasks from that project need to be completed in order to be able to close a project.

My Tasks

Two lists of all completed tasks and all in progress tasks providing critical information (name, project, status, due date) and the possibility to sort the list by any of the fields or to perform a search within the table content.

Task status:

  • Not Assigned – a freshly new task
  • Assigned – a task that has been assigned to one or more team members
  • In Progress – a task that has been quoted by the team member
  • Completed – a task that was marked completed by either team member or project manager

Task priority:

  • Normal
  • High
  • Urgent

Support Tickets API

This customisable feature can be use for either support ticketing, feedback, contact or any other customer interaction.

Easy to integrate using a private key and a generated script. API Script just needs to be copy into the webpage/app (usually on homepage between the “head” tags).

The script will generate a side button that triggers a pop-up window where your customers will easily get in touch with you. From Tickets Settings section you can set one or more email addresses to be notified as well as the button appearance, different for each website/app you’re managing.

For a functional version please check our demo.


Displays a log table with numbers of worked hours for each task/project and the cash outs made.
Gives the staff member the possibility to cash out a number of hours from total balance available. Once a cash-out is made an email is sent to PM/payroll.

Admin Section

Section designated for the administrator where he can edit the general settings about the company and also to edit the user groups. The possibility to add a new client or team member it is available for the Admin user only!


Available translations:

  • English
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Turkish

If you need SAM in your language which is not supported currently – you can help SAM by translating it. Don’t worry, translating is extremely easy – just send an email here and I will tell you how to do it. Your help will be really appreciated!

  • Special thanks to Florentina Ardelean-Pricop for the spanish translation!
  • Special thanks to Amisa Selagianu for the german translation!
  • Special thanks to Robert Dacher for the hungarian translation!
  • Special thanks to Tiziano Cinelli for the italian translation!
  • Special thanks to Mete Basol for the turkish translation!

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  • Store Name: Clickatory
  • Vendor: Clickatory
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