Doctor Chamber Management System


Doctor Chamber Management System - 1

How to use the software (quick start guide for doctors)

  • Install the application following the instructions inside Developer Manual
  • Log in to the application using default doctor credentials. Default email : Default password: 1234
  • Go to the menu chamber and there is already a chamber included by
    default which can be your primary chamber, you can also add multiple
    ones. Click the button manage.
  • Set your schedule for the particular chamber
  • Go to settings and change credentials with your specific ones
  • Go to appointment menu to add new appointments and you can also see
  • appointments in the calendar, you can click on any date or any event to
    bring appointment list for that day on the right part of this page

  • From appointment list you can go to either patient profile or prescription
    for the patient for this appointment directly
  • From the prescription menu you can either create a new one for a new
  • patient or for a previous patient, the prescriptions you create from here are
    not attached to any appointment

  • From patient menu, you can see all your patients as a list and also can
    manage their profile
  • From the billing menu, you can create a new invoice for patients which you
    can print later on and provide to the patient
  • From settings, you can change credentials and also the logo
  • From top right of each page where your name is shown, a click on it will
    bring two submenus named profile and logout.
  • From profile, you can change your login credentials and also can change
    your password.

Doctor Chamber Management System - 2

Update History

version 1.1 – 10 January, 2018

- [added] auto installer
- [added] ability to upload patient files
- [added] ability to upload prescription file
- [added] multi-language support
- [added] ability to add patient without appointments
- [added] updater module
- minor bug fixes
- performance improvements

version 1.0 – 12 December, 2017

- Initial version release.


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