Voting – Online Voting Platform


Install this in CPANEL and it will work.

Voting – Online Voting Platform (PHP 7)

This is an online voting platform where Voters login to vote for their candidates depending on the Organization. The system now works with PHP 7.

26 February 2020

- Fixed error on Registration of User

17 November 2019

- Fixed error on Header

16 October 2019

- Version 3 released
- Fixed error on Hash.php
- Fixed static error on Sessions
- Fixed Fogot password
- Changed the password auth to use password_verify() function
- Added padding on Navigation

13 September 2019

- Fixed Session Issue
- Fixed Remember me Function

12 September 2019

- System now works with PHP 7
- Fixed Installation Issue.

How it works:-

  • – Admin adds an Organization e.g Harvard Campus Election.
  • – Admin then adds the Positions in that Organization.
  • – Admin then adds Nominees for those Positions
  • – Then the Voters vote.

Voting Platform Features:-

  • No Errors.
  • Clean URLs
  • Great Design both frontend and Backend.
  • Forgot Password email notification

Support Includes:-

  • 1. Installation of the system
  • 2. Change of the site details.

Our Email is

Admin Login Credentials:-

Nominee(s) Login Credentials:-

We have 17 Nominees in this system. So their emails are from

Password is password for all the Nominees.

Voters Login Credentials:-

We have 20 voters in this system. So their emails are from

Password is password for all the voters.

Vendor Information

  • Store Name: TheMashaBrand
  • Vendor: TheMashaBrand
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