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Gaming is rollercoaster industry, especially if you develop mobile games for iOS and Android. At Clickatory you can find popular game categories, can customize with your own branding and publish online.

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2021 Mobile Game Trends

Millions of mobile users play mobile games every day. You may notice that some of these games such as Candy Crush Saga, Farm Ville, Angry Birds or PubG became a billion dollar businesses. These games in the Rocket League and there is always a room for small and medium game developers as well. Thousands of game developers monetize their mobile games, selling them as a paid application, placing ads into their games or offering in-app purchases and generating revenues.

With mobile games you can find at Clickatory, you can create your new monetizing platform. Remind that, these games are not for playing -you can play after you’ll publish of course ūüôā -. Buy a mobile game today, build it with your own branding and publish online!

Here are 3 mobile gaming trends for 2021:

Hyper casual games:

Hyper-casual titles have dominated the 2020 top charts. Furthermore, Among Us, a casual game, has been one of the most successful games in the previous year.


Hyper casual games are easy to play, they are simple. You can enjoy and relax while you play. These two advantages of hyper casual games made the category snacks of the game industry and the popularity has increased year over year. There were more than 10 billion downloads last year under the hyper-casual gaming category.

Hyper-casual games are also good alternatives to buy and sell online. It doesn’t require complex development and design features. A simple and easy to play game can be a trend in a short term and create revenue.

AAA Mobile Games:

AAA games refer ‚Äútriple A¬†games‚ÄĚ and those are video¬†games¬†with a huge development and marketing budgets. They are meant to be a¬†game¬†development company’s masterpiece and provide a high quality game¬†experience. It’s really difficult that a mobile game can provide AAA experience, however we have good examples nowadays.

Puzzle Games:

Puzzles are historic games for many generations. With technology and new trends many popular puzzle games are available online. Puzzles are enjoyable and users spend more time to solve the puzzle than a standard mobile game. Creating a puzzle game and publish it on mobile platforms can be a good starting point for the mobile game advertising.

Why to buy mobile games?

Mobile apps became a popular advertising platform for digital marketers. With buying a mobile game and publishing it on Apple Appstore or Google Play Store, you can create a new publishing platform for your ads network. Just as creating a website and placing Adsense banners on it, you can place advertising modules in to your games and start monetizing your app.

Can I sell mobile games online?

Yes. Once you buy a game from a developer or a game studio, you need to customize the branding first. Once you’ve done with the branding, you can sell the game on 1) your website 2) Mobile platforms such as Appstore and Google Play Store.

*You must check your buying license before you start selling the game you’ve purchased. Some license agreements can have platform restrictions.

How can I monetize mobile games?

There are multiple options to monetize your mobile games: 1) In-app ads: You can place advertising modules into your game such as Admob, Native Banners or text ads. 2) In-app purchases: If you game design supports, you can add in-app purchases to your game. Offering extra features or digital assets within the game are good examples for in-app purchases. 3) Paid games: Besides ads and in-app features you can sell the game itself. Paid games are popular, if you have a good marketing plan it’s a good option to monetize your mobile game from the day 1.