Simple Backup Files and mySQL using PHP


backup and restore mysql database using php script

Simple Backup


This PHP script is a powerful tool that let you backup every aspect of your site:

1. It Backup all your Web-Files (and don’t use shell_exec)
2. Make a ZIP or TAR File (depending on the server configuration)
3. Also backup all mySQL Databases (if you like)
4. Send a Download-Link by eMail (if you want)
5. Copy everything to your Dropbox (if you have one)
6. Delete x Days old Backups automatically (also in Cloud if wanted)
7. Backup-Tool protected with a password (strongly recommended)

What are you waiting for ? Give it a try ! Right now !
Simple Backup Files and mySQL using PHP - 1
Backup to Server per FTP / sFTP is also included!


  • Full Backup all of your Data (Files and db)
  • Auto scheduling by
  • Modern-User-Interface (Responsiv)
  • Also usable over Terminal/Console e.g. on localhost
  • Easy Download of Backup ZIP/TAR by FTP, eMail, Weblink and Cloud
  • Backup 100% of the site content (all Files and mySQL Database)
  • Migrate your site to a different Server/Domain easily
  • Comes in some handy PHP files and some Config Files
  • Manual file is included in Download
  • .. and many more! Just try our Demo to view all Features
  • View full Release Notes




  • Script-URL (e.g. localhost/full/backup.php)
  • Backup-Folder (e.g. Root-Path)
  • Archive-Folder (were your Backups are stored)
  • Backup-URL (e.g. localhost/backup/)
  • Backup-Filename (Timezone, How often would you like to generate an Archive)
  • Backup-AutoDelete (YES/NO, Age in Days to Delete, Delete Dropbox Archives too?)
  • Optional: Admin E-Mail (If needed: CC & BCC)
  • Optional: mySQL Databases (As many a you need in extra config file)
  • Optional: Dropbox API (App Key & App Secret in extra config file)
  • Optional: GoogleDrive API (ID & Key in extra config file)
  • Optional: FTP/sFTP (sFTP still beta)
  • That’s it… You are ready to start!!


only PHP 4 or > is all you need
for Dropbox (needs https) and GoogleDrive you need PHP 5.3 or >
and only for GoogleDrive you need the following PHP Extensions:
— apc_add – PECL apc 3.0.13
— apc_delete – PECL apc 3.0.0
— memcache_add – PECL memcache 0.2.0


This plugin does not make any use of shell_exec, so it will work in nearly every server environment.
In case of any problems with specific hostings let us know immediately!


If you run into problems please give me not a bad rate,
please take a look at the documentation of the script.
If you need more help, be free to contact me via the support tab.
I will do everything so that my product deserves a 5 star rating!
All updates are included. Remember that the script will be updated regularly.

Thank you so much.
Best Regards, adilbo


Simple Backup Files and mySQL using PHP - 2


Do you want to customize my script as you want?
Just purchase the Extended License and shoot me a message from my profile page
to let me know how you’re using it. Thanks!


Version 2.2 (08.2018)
    FIX - .sql db Backup (backup.php)
    ADD - Parameter: No Archive on Server (config-backup.php & backup.php)
    IMP - sFTP now beta (/ftp/)
    IMP - Documentation updated
Version 2 (06.2018)
    IMP - Dropbox API v2 (backup.php & /dropbox/...)
    IMP - some small code improvements (see docu)
Version 1.3 (06.2017
    FIX - Dropbox Authentification now use https (dropbox/dropbox.php)
Version 1.2 (01.2016)
    ADD - GoogleDrive (backup.php, config-googledrive.php & "googledrive" Folder)
    IMP - Some small Code Improvements (backup.php)
    ADD - Add Google Drive Part in the Dokumentation (docu.html and Sub-Folder)
Version 1.1 (12.2015)
    ADD - Delete x Days old Backups (backup.php)
    ADD - Delete old Backups also in Dropbox if configured (dropbox.php)
    ADD - Backup-Tool protected by Password (backup.php)
    IMP - Code Improvements (backup.php & dropbox.php)
    IMP - Improve Dropbox Part in the Dokumentation (docu.html)
Version 1.0 (12.2015)
    NEW - Release of this Script on CodeCanyon

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