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Codeigniter v.3 (php framework)

Bootstrap v.3x (css framework)

admin LTE (Opensource Admin Panel Template)

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Version 1.0 [21-10-2015]

- Initial Release. 

Version 1.01 [02-11-2015]

- Minor bug fixed. 

Version 1.1 [08-11-2015]

- Email notification when create a new customer
Email notification when create a stuff
Email notification upon a new sale
 Email notification upon a new order
Performance optimized

Version 1.2 [02-29-2016]

Error Fixed: Fixed an error when ordering product from customer's panel.
New Feature: Admin can now download pdf invoices for sales and order from order and sales list from admin dashboard.
Performance optimized

Version 1.3 [12-12-2018]

Updated framework to 3.1.9 
Added php 7.1 support.
Performance improved.

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  • Store Name: QuantikLab
  • Vendor: QuantikLab
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