PHPMaker 2018 Extensions – MasinoAutoFormatNumber14



This is a PHPMaker 2018 Extension that will add the ability of auto format the numeric field type (Currency, Number, Percent) in your web applications that generated by PHPMaker. It supports to display the Thousand and Decimal separator, both for monetary and non-monetary values on the Add and Edit form.

When your end-users are typing the values on the Add and Edit forms, then it will automatically insert the Thousand and/or the Decimal separator character. They will feel more comfortable while inputing/updating the numeric values.

This Extension also supports Locale Settings that you defined from your PHPMaker project. In other words, now you don’t have to always use the Comma (,) character as the Thousand separator, and/or the Dot (.) character as the Decimal separator anymore.

However, for calculating process, make sure to always setup Comma (,) as Thousand separator, and Dot (.) as Decimal separator.


There are too many reasons why you should use this PHPMaker Extension:

1. You don’t need to write any single line of code from your Server Events and Client Scripts of your PHPMaker project!

2. Auto format all the Numeric values when end-users are typing it on the form.

3. There is no need to manually convert the formatted values before submitting the form.

4. Auto format all the Numeric values when the form is initially loaded.

5. There is no need to manually format the original values when the form is intially loaded.

6. Auto calculate the values without having to remove the Thousand/Decimal separator.

7. Preventing End-Users are typing the non-numeric characters on the “Add” and “Edit” form/page.

8. Supports all the Numeric field types (Currency, Number, Percent) that provided by PHPMaker.

9. Supports built-in Validation setting from “Edit Tag” pane and will not conflict with the one generated by PHPMaker.

10. Supports “No. of digits after decimal” setting from “View Tag” pane of each numeric field of PHPMaker project.

11. Supports “Grid-Add”, “Grid-Edit”, “Inline-Add”, “Inline-Copy”, “Inline-Edit” of PHPMaker project.

12. Supports “Custom Fields”, especially for calculating process in your PHPMaker project.

13. Supports Thousand and Decimal separator from “Tools” -> “Locale Settings” of your PHPMaker projects.

14. Supports “Backspace” and “Delete” key in the Textbox control.

15. All the Numeric fields/values are still be able to be searched via “Quick Search” (not “Extended Search”) panel.

16. It will make your generated web applications become more user-friendly.

17. Save tons of your time to develop web applications.


Minimum version: PHPMaker 2018.


Initially created on May 28, 2018 by using PHPMaker 2018.


The only extension is used by demo project is “MasinoAutoFormatNumber14”. Make sure you have already enabled it from “Tools” -> “Extensions” -> “Type: Auto Numeric”, especially also when you want to use it in your PHPMaker projects.


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