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Now You Can Run Your Own Flippa Clone: Start a Website & Domains Marketplace

flippa clone just upgraded to v1.6

php flippa clone features  overview

Flippa Clone v1.6 was Updated on February 2017- scroll to bottom for info!

Earn top notch dollar by running your own website and domains marketplace (like Flippa, Sedo, etc.).

Sit comfortably at your desk and watch the earnings coming your way by charging for Regular & Featured listings.

All on auto-pilot
as we took care and setup PayPal IPN & Stripe
for you – just enter your payment email / stripe api keys and you’re ready to run.
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Front-end features overview

PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 2

AJAX Modal Signup & Login

PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 3

Sell Websites&Domains
the source of marketplace income

PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 4

Listing Filters
revenue, income source,
visitors & age
PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 5

Bidding System
members only auction system

PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 6

Website Thumbnails
automatically generates
website thumbnails
PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 7

PR & Alexa
automatically fetches google
PR & alexa rank

PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 8

User messages
members can message
each other
PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 9

Profile System
members have
a public profile
PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 10

Commenting system
to allow comments
on marketplace listings
PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 11

Contact form
directly into
admin inbox
PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 12

for clean, secure code.
PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 13

Twitter Bootstrap
easy to customize

Starting a Listing on the Marketplace

Starting a listing on the Flippa Clone Marketplace is like building your own social network profile.

The form contains a total of 10 tabs each one requesting crucial information to attract attention & sales.

PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 14

PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 15
  • Basic details: fill in listing type (website/domain), listing title and auction pricing (starting, reserver and BIN price)
  • Description: a long textarea to enter the listing description.
  • Age: set estabilished website/domain date.
  • Revenue: monetization methods, last three months earnings average and revenue description textarea
  • Traffic: last three months visits/views average and traffic description textarea
  • Uniqueness: is content/design unique or not.
  • Payment Methods: which payment methods are accepted by the seller for closing the deal.
  • Tags: niche, type (forum, blog, etc.), implementation (custom, php, wp, etc.)
  • Ownership: verification via file upload of website/domain ownership
  • Attachments: add image (png/jpg) proofs of income, traffic, etc)

Admin Features

Admin panel allows you to control listings, users, comments, listing fees, website title, logo and seo aspects.

Live Flippa Clone Admin Demo URL:
Admin Login Username: admin
Admin Login Password: adminpass

PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 16

Listings Management
edit, delete, manually approve

PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 17

Users Management
overview of markeplace
users and removal.

PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 18

Comments Management
overview of listing
comments and removal.
PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 19

update terms of
service page.

PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 20

Payment Settings
set listing fee,
featured fee and paypal email
PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 21

website title, analytics code,
social urls and logo

PHP Website and Domains Marketplace - 22

SEO Module
add seo title
keywords and description


Apache with mod_rewrite enabled, php 5.3+ and mysql.
Full domain or subdomain, no subfolders.


We believe that providing REGULAR UPDATES to our items is the key to customer happiness.
We are listening and will constantly be upgrading this Flippa Clone based on OUR CUSTOMERS SUGGESTIONS

v1.8 - Apr 2020
- fixed paypal payments issue on php 7
- fixed slow url verification when posting a listing
- to upgrade, simply copy and overwrite upgrade-files/* - for full reference, check documentation.html inside the zip you downloaded
v1.7 - Feb 2020
- Added SMTP Mail Server Support
v1.6.1 - January 2019
- Added support for php7+ servers
- to ugprade, simply copy and overwrite upgrade-files/helpers/get_option_helper.php and set_option_helper.php into application/helpers/ folder.
v1.6 - February 2017
- Verify ownership by meta tag/dns entry
- Flexible, admin controlled expiration date
- Easy to change admin controlled currency
- Email confirmation on signup
- Ability to upload own website screenshot
- Link google analytics for traffic verification
- Upgraded codeigniter version 
- Fixed a few bugs
v1.5 - February 2016
- improved overall visual appearance
- fixed bin required amount bug
- fixed paypal email bug
- fixed revenue & traffic average getting updated wrong
v1.4 - September 2015
- Stripe Payments: integrated with both stripe and paypal now ( can be enabled/disabled )
- Featured Listings: ability to manually set listings as featured via admin panel
v1.3  - aug 2015
- fixed alexa rank warning when no ranking was found for a domain
- fixed listings getting featured bug


3rd June  - READ DOC how to upgrade
added signup link into login modal - 
added login link into signup modal - 
fixed "missing" remove icons into admin comments and users pages - 
added upload header image feature in admin settings - 
fixed attachment upload issue
fixed start listing bar firefox issue
-> 24th May
- Now you can allow FREE listings : just set price to 0 to enable
- RESPONSIVE: migrated to bootstrap 3 
- Email notifications: when bid/message is received 
- Password Forgot option
- download AND refer to documentation on how to upgrade!
-> 12th March 2015
- fixed an issue in firefox with login (user wasn't redirected automatically)
- file changed: application/controllers/users.php

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