PHP Network Speed Tester


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PHP Network Speed Tester is PHP based script to offer a network bandwidth check against your internet server. No database or long configuration required. Documentation included.

Script calculates download speed from server, which is script installed on. Demo is located in middle EU (Czech republic), so results can be different for each user. Upload and ping server can be manually set in config.


  • Download speed test
  • Upload speed test
  • Ping time measurement
  • Cross browser support
  • Multiple server support
  • Powered by Bootstrap
  • Google charts – Gauge chart
  • Get IP and calculate downloading CD/DVD with recorded speed.


  • HTTP server with PHP installed
  • php_curl() function allowed
  • A javascript enabled internet browser (for charts)


  1. Unzip file and copy all files from folder “app” to your web server.
  2. If placed in subfolder (not root), set folder path in index.php
  3. Done

A Basic Usage Sample

Can be included into another page with PHP command include_once “index.php”; or as a standalone app in some folder.


  • Check if your server/hosting supports curl() PHP functions
  • Check if file.NEF has set chmod “0777” (is readable atleast)

Version 1.1 update notes

  • improved code organization and better commented
  • now using free geoip service by with allowed 2.500 queries daily (can be easily disabled)
  • added “start” page to execute the network meter
  • added google charts gauge animation effect
  • used flag icon set by for country info
  • added MP3 download time option
  • added image with embed code for easy sharing your speed.

Version 1.2 update notes

  • added cookie agreement
  • responsive design – repaired view on mobile and tablet device
  • added new language translations: Italy, Spanish, German, Russian, French (you can easily choose in source code settings)
  • added PACE Automatic page load progress bar in 3 selectable variants. By

Version 1.2.1 update notes

  • improved download speed
  • fixed double “www” issue

Vendor Information

  • Store Name: Uranos
  • Vendor: Uranos
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