Online Exam and Learning Management System


Online Exam and Learning Management System is an online examination system for schools, colleges, academies and all types of educational institutes. Now schools can offer online education to your students, take quiz tests and exams easily and effectively.

Online Exam and Learning Management System – features are growing day by day. With every release, you will get some new features & bugs fixed. Following are the core features of Exam Management System:

  • Staff Module (Teacher information, assign subjects, activity tracking)
  • Student Module (Student information, Attendance, Watch Log and Progress)
  • Classes (Sections, Curriculum, Groups)
  • Question Bank of all subjects
  • Subject Notes / downloads
  • Subject Homework assigning and submission
  • Online Quiz Test(question base timer + quiz based timer)
  • Online Exam Papers(Create paper, student can attempt from his/her account))
  • Teacher can mark paper of all assigned subjects from his/her account)
  • Class wise discussion groups + student can send direct message to subject teacher
  • Video lessons play list management(linked with youtube)
  • Student portal to attempt exam and attend online classes
  • Teacher portal to carry out tasks from their dashboard
  • Mutliple UI Themes
  • And much more…….

Informative Dashboard

Configurable Settings

Multiple UI Themes

Subjects, Notes, Homework, Question Bank, Quizes and Papers

Student Dashboard

Demo Account Credentials

Admin Login:
Teacher/Staff ID :
Password: 123456

Student Login:
Student ID : student
Password: 123456

Teacher Login:
Teacher/Staff ID : teacher
Password: 123456


Q: Can student see the result immediately after attempting the exam?
Ans: There are two types of exams:
-Quiz Test: It includes only the MCQs test. The benefit of the type of exam is that a student can immediately view the results after attempting the exam because the system itself handles marking/checking of the exam.
-Paper: It includes MCQs, short subjective questions, and long subjective questions. Students cannot see the results immediately after attempting the exam. Because there are subjective questions so a teacher interaction is necessary to handle the exam marking. In this type of system automatically handle the marking for MCQs. However, a teacher needs to mark the subjective paper. When the teacher completes the marking then admin can declare the exam result. After the result declaration, students can view the exam result from their dashboard..

Q: Can a student register himself/herself?
Ans: No, students can’t register themselves. Only the school admin can register the students.

Q: Can student write calculation questions like mathematics online?
Ans: No, student/teacher can not write calculation questions online. However, software for the said purpose has been linked with this script. Which needs to be installed on pc before using this. Then student/teacher would be able to write calculation questions and upload screenshots of mathematical calculations.

Following are minimum requirements to run the EMS smoothly:

  • Server: Apache Server
  • PHP Version : 7.2 or higher
  • MySql : 5.x or later
  • MySqli Extension : Yes
  • GD PHP Extension : Yes
  • CURL PHP Extension : Yes
  • MBString PHP Extension : Yes
  • Zip Extension : Yes
  • allow_url_fopen : Enabled
  • PHP mod_rewrite : Enabled

Version 2.4 – 25 Dec 2020

[Added] New home screen added for students.
[Added] Student progress analytics added on the student dashboard.
[Added] Class syllabus upload feature added.
[Added] Class timetable upload feature added.
[Added] Class date sheet upload feature added.
[Added] Many other minor improvements added.

[Fixed] Unable to delete the quiz attempt (for students with zero questions attempted) - issue fixed.
[Fixed] Unable to delete the paper attempt (for students with zero questions attempted) - issue fixed.
[Fixed] Questions are not in a sequence in descriptive paper type exam - issue fixed.
[Fixed] MCQ's time calculation problem (for single question base time calculation) - issue fixed.
[Fixed] Chapter wise lessons not displayed on the student dashboard - issue fixed.
[Fixed] Timezone not working on some servers - issue fixed.

Version 2.3 – 01 Dec 2020

[Added] Teachers can be assigned to online classes.
[Added] Online Classes can be scheduled for groups and sections.
[Added] Homework assigning and collection feature added for admin.
[Added] Homework assigning and collection feature added for the teacher.
[Added] Teacher can create quiz tests from his/her dashboard.
[Added] Lecture base or all videos listing option added.
[Added] Multiple themes added for UI.
[Added] Settings Page improved.
[Added] Helper actions included in the settings page.
[Removed] Student mobile numbers from the teacher's dashboard.

[Optimized] Quiz attempting optimized.
[Optimized] Paper attempting optimized.

[Fixed] Instant quiz ending error fixed.
[Fixed] Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.2 – 13 Nov 2020

[Added] Bulk Question Import from excel sheet added.
[Added] Practice Test feature added for students.
[Added] Section-wise exam option added.
[Added] Subject teacher can view student's list for any his/her subjects.
[Added] Admin can change the password for the whole class with a single click.
[Added] Admin can clear the cache of failed logins.
[Added] Admin dashboard new analytics options added.
[Added] Drop down lists made searchable.

[Optimized] Quiz printing optimized.
[Optimized] Paper printing optimized.

[Fixed] Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.1 – 13 Oct 2020

[Added] Paper printing option added. Paper can be printed to get a hard copy.
[Added] Quiz printing option added. The quiz can be printed to get a hard copy.
[Added] Subject Notes option added. Students can view notes from their dashboard.
[Added] Bulk staff registration(from excel file) option added.
[Added] Students can edit profiles and change passwords from the dashboard.
[Added] Teacher can edit the profile and change the password from the dashboard.
[Added] Admin dashboard new analytics options added.
[Added] Force teacher/staff to change the password on the next login.
[Added] Force students to change the password on the next login.
[Added] Exam attempt mode added for a better start and end time handling(Free Time Mode / Strict Time Mode).

[Fixed] Timezone error during student exam has been fixed.
[Fixed] Single settings option can be saved without providing all options.
[Fixed] Some spelling errors and page title errors fixed.

Version 2.0 – 9 Sep 2020

[Added] User Timezone selection option
[Added] Previous day reports enabled in teachers portal

Version 1.0 – 2 Sep 2020

*Initial Release

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