Multiplayer BlackJack – Online Casino Game


Multiplayer BlackJack Game Features

  • Multiple players (up to 5 people can play simultaneously)
  • Double bets
  • Insurance bets (pay 2 to 1)
  • Splits
  • People can watch online others playing the game

Play Multihand BlackJack now

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What license is required?

The Regular license entitles you to use the product on one website / domain only. If you want to use it on multiple websites / domains you have to purchase several Regular licenses (1 website = 1 license).

If you charge website users to have access to the product or its components you need to purchase the Extended license.

You can not include this product into other products sold on Envato market and its affiliate websites.

Please adhere to these rules. Read License FAQ for more information.


Unzip and copy all application files to your server via FTP or web based management portal (cPanel, Plesk etc) and open in your browser.

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