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Latest Version 5.13 Release Feb 06, 2021 Click HERE to view the Changelog

  • Upgraded to Laravel 8.
  • Update JS/CSS assets.
  • Improve admin language settings.
  • Improve permalinks.
  • Fix language plugin.
  • Fix bugs on PHP 8.
  • Refactor code & optimize UI.

LaraMag – Laravel News & Magazine Multilingual System

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Free installation service

Note: We just provide free installation service for hosting using Cpanel or Direct Admin. If you’re using VPS, you need to install Cpanel or Direct Admin. We don’t provide installation service on localhost.


Note: default username & password are autofilled.

Key Features

  • Page, blog, menu, contact, gallery, sliders… modules are provided with the use of components to avoid boilerplate code.
  • RSS feeds for posts
  • Multi language support. Unlimited number of languages.
  • SEO & sitemap support: access sitemap.xml to see more.
  • Powerful media system, also support Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces
  • Google Analytics: display analytics data in admin panel.
  • Translation tool: easy to translate front theme and admin panel to your language.
  • Magazine theme is ready to use.
  • Powerful Permission System: Manage user, team, role by permissions. Easy to manage user by permissions.
  • Admin template comes with color schemes to match your taste.
  • Fully Responsive: Compatible with all screen resolutions
  • Coding Standard: All code follow coding standards PSR-2 and best practices


  • CONSIDERING PURCHASING OUR ITEM? Please view our support section for important notes and questions.
  • This product doesn’t include some tools for developers in CMS version. It’s used to quickly develop new modules. We’ve removed CRUD generator, theme/widget generator in CMS version to reduce the price.
  • Images used in the demo are not included in the download package. They are used for demo purposes only.

Free plugins

There is some free plugins available on our Github:

All bellow plugins are working fine for products based on Botble CMS.

We won’t support free plugins and free plugins may not compatible with the current version. If you need support for free plugins, please create an issue on Github, the plugin’s author will support you.

Don’t forget to give us a star on Github repository if you use our free plugins.


  • Apache, nginx, or another compatible web server.
  • PHP >= 7.3 >> Higher
  • MySQL Database server
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Exif PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • Module Re_write server
  • PHP_CURL Module Enable

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Version 5.13 – Feb 06, 2021

- Upgraded to Laravel 8.
- Update JS/CSS assets.
- Improve admin language settings.
- Improve permalinks.
- Fix language plugin.
- Fix bugs on PHP 8.
- Refactor code & optimize UI.

Version 5.12 – Jan 19, 2021

- Add RSS feed plugin. Demo:
- Update seeders.
- Update error pages, make it more simple.
- Improve UI gallery images, update Google fonts & fix cookie consent.
- Improve media URL.
- Improve core & optimize queries.
- Remove unused CSS/JS libraries.
- Fix postCSS, upgrade to Laravel Mix 6.0

Version 5.11 – Dec 10, 2020

- Add search box.
- Improve responsive.
- Update translations, added missing keys.
- Update cookie consent.
- Improve DO Spaces integration.
- Improve error pages.
- Fix roles & permissions.
- Optimize page speed and performance.

Version 5.10 – Nov 14, 2020

- Update menu: optimize queries, cache menu URL for better performance.
- Optimize queries on menu & widgets.
- Update Cookie consent: Add option to change background color, text color.
- Update error pages, make it more beautiful.
- Update UI contact form, galleries.
- Improve permalink & custom CSS page.
- Improve Analytics plugin, make it compatible with PHP 7.4.
- Fix theme translations: new keys in English doesn't show in other languages.
- Fix IP in activity logs, allow IP v6.
- Refactor code.

Version 5.9 – Oct 14, 2020

- Fix multi-language with Ajax.
- Fix views count.
- Update contact form with Ajax.
- Update email encryption settings.
- Improve Recaptcha: add an option to hide the v3 badge.
- Improve export posts to csv, excel.
- Apply PurgeCSS to remove unused css, make it loads faster.
- Improve theme UI.
- Refactor code.

Version 5.8 – 15-09-2020

- Update to Laravel version 7.28
- Update homepage & blog page settings. Now, it's moved into Appearance -> Theme options.
- Move settings for Cookie Consent into Appearance -> Theme options.
- Add theme options to enable/disable Facebook chat, Facebook comments.
- Add settings for watermark. Now, you can add watermark by changing settings in Admin -> Settings -> Media.
- Allow to change permalink in Admin -> Settings -> Permalinks.
- Add language settings. Allow to set default language in Admin -> Settings -> General.
- Allow admin to login using email or username.
- Optimize queries to make site loads faster.
- Update UI.
- Refactor code.
- Fix webpack.mix.js config, issue with path on Windows.
- Fix assets path.
- Fix copy folder in Admin -> Media.

Version 5.7 – 05-08-2020

- Upgrade to the latest Laravel framework version 7.22.
- Deprecated some media functions: `is_image`, `get_image_url`, `get_object_image`, `rv_media_handle_upload`.
Replacements: `RvMedia::isImage()`, `RvMedia::getImageUrl()`, `RvMedia::handleUpload()`.
- Add support **Digital Ocean Spaces**.
- Fix timezone, it doesn't work before.
- Fix filter posts.
- Update email settings. Add support **SES**, **Postmark**, **Array**, **Log**.
- Improve performance & refactor source code.
- Improve license system, make it works better.

Version 5.6 – 03-07-2020

- Update to the latest Laravel version 7.18.
- Optimize database queries.
- Add support Recaptcha v3.
- Improve cookie consent.
- Fix bugs plugin Language.
- Add default open graph image.
- Improve admin UI.
- Refactor code.

Version 5.5 – 29-05-2020

- Update to the latest Laravel version 7.13.
- Improve media module: support upload chunk size.
- Improve email system.
- Move `js-validation` package to `core`.
- Upgrade jQuery to v3.5.1 and Bootstrap 4.5.0.
- Improve admin UI.
- Refactor code.

Version 5.4 – 01-05-2020

- Update to the latest Laravel version 7.8.
- Refactor code & optimize performance.
- Add backup commands:
- php artisan cms:backup:create
- php artisan cms:backup:restore
- php artisan cms:backup:remove
- php artisan cms:backup:list
- Fix image's watermark.
- Change default avatar, remove Gravatar as default avatar.
- Fix widget & plugin language.
- Remove package `davejamesmiller/laravel-breadcrumbs`, build own breadcrumbs.
- Fix theme options when using `editor` field.

Version 5.3 – 29-03-2020

- Update to the latest Laravel version 7.3
- Improve source code.
- Add plugin Translation.
- Improve plugin language. When add/remove a language, it also adds/removes language files in /resources/lang.
- Update UI.
- Refactor code.

Version 5.2 – 12-03-2020

- Upgrade to Laravel 7.x
- Improve source code.
- Add package `js-validation` & `sitemap`
- Fix context menu in media.
- Fix bug when changing admin's password.
- Update translations.
- Update UI.
- Refactor code.

Version 5.1 – 08-02-2020

- Update admin theme.
- Improve source code.
- Fix media upload.

Version 5.0 – 20-01-2020

- Change admin theme to make it more awesome.
- Add license.
- Update Ckeditor to allow to add image's caption.
- Fix ACL module.

Version 4.2 – 06-01-2020

- Fix bug upload avatar in plugin member.
- Fix permission issue when changing language.
- Fix dev commands.
- Fix error when creating new role.
- Fix page title.
- Fix logo in email.
- Fix menu & audit log.
- Fix sort order in dashboard widgets.
- Update UI in login/register form for member.
- Update plugin `social login` to support plugin member.
- Update country flags.
- Update latest code from Laravel framework.
- Deprecated function `setModuleName()` in forms.
- Using package `mews/purifier` to prevent XSS attack.
- Add plugin `cookie consent`.
- Refactor code.

Version 4.1 – 01-12-2019

- Fix bug in plugin member.
- Improve media.
- Change to use `laravel/tinker` 2.0
- Change to use `mpociot/laravel-apidoc-generator` 4.0
- Add command `php artisan cms:plugin:make:crud` (Video tutorial:
- Fix UI
- Add config for Travis CI
- Fix mail variables
- Fix SEO helper, cache issue in media.
- Add option to disable preview feature (Ex: `SlugHelper::disablePreview(Post::class)`)
- Refactor code.

Version 4.0 – 31-10-2019

- Upgraded to Laravel 6.0. Now this CMS requires PHP >=7.2 (

- Refactor database to improve query performance.
+ **slugs**: renamed column `reference` to `reference_type` and using model class instead of screen name. Ex: `reference_type` is `post` now changed to `BotbleBlogModelsPost`.
+ **language_meta**: renamed column `lang_meta_content_id` to `reference_id` and `lang_meta_reference` to `reference_type`. Using model class instead of screen name. Ex: `reference_type` is `post` now changed to `BotbleBlogModelsPost`.
+ **menu_nodes**: renamed column `related_id` to `reference_id` and `type` to `reference_type`.  Using model class instead of screen name. Ex: `reference_type` is `post` now changed to `BotbleBlogModelsPost`.
+ **meta_boxes**: renamed column `content_id` to `reference_id` and `reference` to `reference`. Using model class instead of screen name. Ex: `reference_type` is `post` now changed to `BotbleBlogModelsPost`.

- Update meta boxes helpers: Remove screen name in function. (`get_meta_data()`, `get_meta()`, `save_meta_data()`, `delete_meta_data()`)
- Fix bug delete widget.
- Fix bug search users.
- Refactor code.
- Improve performance.

Version 3.6 – 20-07-2019

- Fix bug repeater field with image, file in custom fields plugin.
- Move plugin management into /packages. Now it's a optional feature, you can remove `botble/plugin-management` and run composer update to remove plugin feature.
- Update `composer.json`. Add package `wikimedia/composer-merge-plugin`.
- Add command to regenerate image sizes: `php artisan cms:media:thumnail:generate`.
- Add default theme options: site title, SEO meta tags.
- Add search box on tables.
- Update translations.
- Optimize performance & refactor code.

Version 3.5 – 30-05-2019

- Restructure asset files.
- Fix security issue in upload user's avatar.
- Change default value for `status` column to `published` instead of `publish`.
- Create `dev-tool` package.
- Change binding type for repositories from `singleton` to `bind`.
- Remove `@author` in comment docs.
- Fix language issue.
- Fix dashboard widgets.
- Allow to create user without role.
- Refactor, clean migrations.

Version 3.4 – 15-03-2019

- Upgraded to the latest Laravel version 5.8
- Change folder structure: core, plugins and public/themes are now located in /platform folder.
- Contact plugin: Allow to reply directly from admin panel.
- Improve admin UI.
- Move some plugins to packages. Now we have a new folder is /platform/packages (it is the place for required plugins).
- Theme's directory is now located in /platform/themes/your-theme so it can't access directly anymore. After make change on theme's assets, you will need to run command `php artisan cms:theme:assets:publish your-theme` to copy assets to /public/themes/your-themes.

- Made some change on `assets` module.
    + Refactor some methods.
    + `addJavascript` => `addScripts`
    + `removeJavascript` => `removeScripts`
    + `getJavascript` => `getScripts`
    + `addStylesheets` => `addStyles`
    + `removeStylesheets` => `removeStyles`
    + `getStylesheets` => `getStyles`
    + `addStylesheetsDirectly` => `addStylesDirectly`
    + `addJavascriptDirectly` => `addScriptsDirectly`

    + Change some config keys:
        + `javascript` => `scripts`
        + `stylesheets` => `styles`

- Change folder to upload to `storage/uploads`, you need to run command `php artisan storage:link` to create symlink.
- Change event to listen when adding admin menu.

Version 3.3 – 30-09-2018

- See what's new here:

Version 3.2 – 14-06-2018

- Fix bug UI & update admin UI
- Add Chinese language
- Refactor code & optimize queries
- Update vendor packages

Version 3.1 – 15-05-2018

- Support multi-language for theme options & widgets
- Fix bug add super users
- Upgrade table system & add filter tables
- Support change language on the login page
- Fix bug adding admin locale
- Fix bug create plugin by command
- Fix bug cropping image size.
- Fix preview image in media management
- Move API clients to settings.
- Update UI for member frontend.
- Update UI in admin panel.

Version 3.0 – 04-04-2018

- Upgrade to Laravel 5.6
- Add Passport support
- Refactor plugin system
- Refactor ACL system
- Fix bug member login and forgot password.
- Update UI
- Update some vendor packages

Version 2.0 – 21-02-2018

- Fix member reset password bug.
- Fix to change status after creating a new plugin.
- Auto register plugin menu to admin dashboard after creating new plugin.
- Update vendor packages.
- Fix coding standard.
- Change to use new facebook live chat.

Version 1.1 – 29-12-2017

- Update lara-mag theme:
+ Fix sidebar widgets style.
+ Fix bug cannot close mobile menu when admin bar activating.
- Update facebook plugin: update style, allow to add page without token.
- Refactor plugin language to make it easier.

Version 1.0 – 17-12-2017

- Initial release Version 1.0

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