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Izy Encryter is a highly secure & unique encryption script which helps to keep data like email, passwords, texts, links secured without others being able to steal or understand it.

DEMO: Izy Encrypter Features

The algorithm used in this script is Unique Algorithm – built by our own team which is not used in any other programming languages.

It’s almost impossible to decrypt the generated code even with proper programming knowledge and software. This script generates code mixing it with the unique algorithm and key. The Key is like a password that can be set by the user themselves. This script gives extra security as it generates different encrypted code even for the same text every time the request is made.

Other users having this script can decrypt the encrypted code with the key used to generate it. But without the key, it is not possible to decrypt the generated code.

User can also use it to generate their password in encrypted form. Just remember the key and keep unlimited passwords absolutely safe in encrypted form which others will not be able to understand it even if they steal it or see it.

User can also encrypt their emails or confidential data using this encrypter.

Key Features :

  • Encrypt/Decrypt text ( unicode/non-unicode) or links easily.
  • Keys are like passwords which can be set and changed by user.
  • Generated code can only be decrypted by the key which was used to generate the particular code.
  • This script generates different encrypted code every time the request is made, even for same text.
  • Create a secure encrypted code of your passwords.
  • Lightning fast encryption or decryption of data

Please give us your valuable suggestions/feedbacks so that we can make this script even more better in functionality and design.

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If you are a Developer :

And want to integrate this encrypter in your existing project or script or tool then you can just include IzyEncrypter.php file from this package, Instantiate IzyEncrypter class and call “encrypt” and “decrypt” methods for respective purpose.

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