EPI Events Calendar for PHPMaker 2018


The EPI Events Calendar and TImeline, now available for PHPMaker 2018 as an extension!

A fully featured events calendar, nicely integrated into PHPmaker 2018 with full access to server-side recurring events, user sharing and styling.

You have a choice between styling with classes or hex values. Using classes has the benefit of bubbling up into the modal class. Using hex values has the benefit of reliable color representation. You can also roll your own CSS class and use that for both!

Timelines allow you to have something like our EPI Changelog, grouping items by day and sorting them chronologically with a respective icon and color class. Keeps everything on one tidy page for keeping your fans up to date.

Both are responsive, and could even be grouped on a dashboard alongside your other widgets.

Update: now includes project file, pd_users.sql for a user table and pd_changelog.sql for the Timeline.

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