CryptoExchanger – Advanced E-Currency Exchanger – Converter and Investments


CryptoExchanger is powerful PHP Script to build your own online e-currency exchanger.

Front-End Features (User side)

  • Bootstrap Responsive Design
  • Mobile Ready
  • Multi-language interface
  • Exchange Orders manager
  • Account management
  • Support Tickets
  • Customer Reviews
  • News System
  • Reserve Request Function & email notification
  • New orders email notifications
  • KYC
  • 2FA Login
  • Email notifications
  • Discount System
  • Affiliate program
  • Automatic exchange rates
  • Auto-rate update in order
  • Operator Panel
  • Automatic order expiration after XX minutes
  • Operator status in front-end
  • Google reCaptcha

and more… Check demo

Back-End Features (Admin Panel)

  • Full dashboard statistics with manager
  • Manage Exchange Gateways
  • Manage Exchange Directions
  • Manage Exchange Rates
  • Manage Exchange Rules
  • Manage Exchange Orders
  • Manage Discount System
  • Manage Users and KYC
  • Manage Operators and Browse their Activity
  • Manage Referrals WIthdrawals
  • Manage Customer Reviews
  • Manage Support Tickets
  • Manage News
  • Manage Pages
  • Manage FAQ
  • Templates Manager with Editor
  • Languages Manager to Add/Edit/Delete languages
  • SMTP Settings
  • Web Settings

and more… Check demo

Important: for fiat and crypto prices we use 3rd party service. To get Crypto prices is free becouse we get it from CryptoCompare and their API is free. To convert fiat different from USD we use api from which is paid service. CurrencyConverterAPI have low fees per month or year and for this we choose them. Also their service is stable and never will give you a wrong live rate.

Operator Panel:
Admin Panel:

Changelog v4.3

  • Added cron job to update rates (This new feature will help the script load 5 times faster. In the previous version, the script took the exchange rate directly from the API and this led to too many requests and depletion of the resources of your paid service. The server will now update the exchange rates through a cron job installed to run every 1,5 ?? 10 minutes (you choose period of update when install cron job) and save them in the database. Thus, by choosing the exchange directorate, the client takes the exchange rate directly from the database and loads 5 times faster.)
  • Fixed mobile language switch
  • Added menus in header.
  • Added rates page (Now client can check all rates on exchange directions which your service provide)

Changelog v4.2

  • Added investment plugin
  • Added insurances plugin for investments
  • Fixed reserve update after completed exchange
  • Added XML Rates Parser for

Changelog v4.1

  • Added country dropdown list in profile settings
  • Added UK Zip code validation
  • Added Operator Status
  • Added Work time
  • Added Google reCaptcha
  • Added Operator Panel
  • Added Operators Activity
  • Added auto order status change to expire after XX minutes
  • Added new merchant gateways: Stripe, Paytm

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