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About Backdoor

Backdoor is a deployable code editor that lives in your browser. Some of the features Backdoor offers are: syntax highlighting for popular coding languages, multi-tab view setup, common file management such as saving, save as, copy, rename, and create folders just as you would expect from a traditional editor, and finally an ajax chat module which allows you to communicate with other users who are logged on.

Not only does Backdoor come with a built-in uploader, but also comes with a directory browser. Including user management that runs off an embedded sqlite database.

(CHAT NOTES: Since the chat feature is based on ajax, the latency is a bit more as compared to a socket server setups. You can modify the refresh rate within the config file but be aware the faster you make this, the bigger the performance hit on your browser. Also, the online indicators are based on logging in and out. So if you close the browser without logging out, the indicator will still show you as logged in.)


  • Creating a single landing page. ( for example)
  • Updating server side code for a CMS. Backdoor can coexist with other applications.
  • The ability to manage a clients website without your actual work computer. Basically anywhere you have internet access.

Supported Language Highlighting

  • coffeescript
  • css
  • htmlmixed
  • jade
  • javascript
  • markdown
  • php
  • perl
  • python
  • ruby
  • sass
  • shell
  • sql
  • vb
  • vbscript
  • xml
  • yaml
  • plain


  • This script requires a PHP Server (You possibly may need access to the php.ini file in case modules need to be added or activated. Be sure that your hosting service provider, if not self hosted, allows PHP to create/delete files and folders.)


UPDATE v1.3:

  1. Removed access to config file by users other than admin.
  2. New ajax chat feature has been included. Specifically designed for those who are on shared hosting.

UPDATE v1.2:

  1. Fixed issue with API key.
  2. Fixed permissions issue.

UPDATE v1.1:

  1. Fixed a security flaw with sessions.
  2. Added the ability to save with “Ctrl + S”.
  3. Added an optional direct login page for users who wish to have a simpler login process.
  4. Added a config value which allows users to turn off pop-ups when saving, updating, etc.

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  • Vendor: RecaMedia
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