Advanced Website Uptime Monitor


With this Advanced Website Uptime Monitor you can simply check the uptime and the response time of a website.

Our website monitor gives you an advanced uptime overview of your websites.
Once a website goes down, you’ll be notified immediately through e-mail, desktop notification or Pushbullet, if the website is back online you’ll be notified as well.


– Add, edit or delete websites
– Crawl website to get response code and time
– Daily Statistics
– Today Uptime
– History
– Desktop and email notification when down and back online
– Web based configuration
– Let users add their own servers
– User accounts
– Widgets for other websites
– Language system


1. Webserver (apache recommended)
2. File Access
3. PHP 5.3 or higher (PHP 5.4 or higher recommended)
4. MySQL 5.1 or higher (MySQL 5.5 or higher recommended)
5. PHP MySQLi extension
6. PHP cURL extension
7. Cronjob access
8. PHP mail() (recommended)


1. The system might work on PHP 5.2 but some features are disabled. We’d recommend you to update your PHP version.
2. Unfortunately for Windows we haven’t figured out how to execute a cronjob. We will update soon as I find out how.

Online demo:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Username: user
Password: user

Change log:

Version 1.4.4 [July 31, 2016]

New features:
    - Calendar to plan server maintenance to avoid unwanted notifications.

    - Improved the pushbullet class (selecting devices no longer needed)

Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed DateTime Diff error for PHP 5.2
    - Fixed pushbullet error in the cronjob
    - Fixed a couple of bugs in the language class and page

Version 1.4.3 [June 18, 2016]

New features:
    - Reset password & User account activation
    - Import and export csv files
    - You are now able to set your own date and time formating.

    - Added new translations
    - Before adding a new server the system will check on duplicates.

Bug Fixes:
    - Server limit was set to 3 when creating an account
    - Some invalid emails were seen as valid.
    - Server limit was maximal 20 seconds if you set a time out for a specific server
    - Fixed small bug in the language manager

Version 1.4.2 [May 8, 2016]

New features:
    - Server events (shows only up and down events)
    - Total server uptime (based on history)
    - You can set a timeout per server

    - You can now update from 1.2.0 or higher to 1.4.2
    - You can disable custom check interval if it causes some issues

Bug Fixes:
    - Select a pushbullet account while editing / adding a server didn't work
    - Fixed a little history delete bug

Version 1.4.1 [April 26, 2016]

New features:
    - Language System, you can now create your own languages for the panel!

    - Updated the Pushbullet API
    - Changed interface for adding and editing a server
    - The uptime percentage is rounded up to 2 decimals
    - New chart on the history page (thanks to nondirective)

Bug Fixes:
    - Some database issues
    - Fixed cronjob cURL headers
    - Cookie class on PHP 5.2
    - Response Codes does not insert into the database after the update
    - The Pushbullet API

Version 1.4.0 [March 28, 2016]

New features:
    - You can now choose between PHP Mail or SMTP for sending the emails
    - You're now able to see the server history
    - System check to check if everything works correctly

    - The server names in the Server Manager are now sorted in ABC order
    - On the widget page you can now see the servers with widgets enabled
    - Changed little typo
    - More options when adding an user

Bug Fixes:
    - The cronjob was public on the internet
    - The uptime percentage was sometimes not correctly shown
    - Not all data is removed during the removal of a user

Version 1.3.0 [February 28, 2016]

New features:
    - You can now choose from 2 themes, light and dark theme
    - You can now set your own Request Codes (If a webserver returns a Response Code that is in that list, the website will be shown as online)
    - Charts on the server dashboard page
    - Added widgets so you can add the widget on another website to show the uptime and loadtime
    - You are now able to set the check interval per site.

    - Improved the cronjob

Bug Fixes:
    - The mose of the fake downtime reports are fixed
    - You where unable to login with 2 computers on one account

Version 1.2.2 [December 24, 2015]

Bug Fixes:
    - Unable to link a pushbullet account when adding a website
    - The database structure was not supported on some MySQL Servers

Version 1.2.1 [November 28, 2015]

New features:
    - More information about downtime
    - Realtime dashboard and server manager
    - Desktop notification on every page

Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed signin captcha error

Version 1.2.0 [August 15, 2015]

New features:
    - Users can now create accounts and add their own servers!
    - Cookie login (will expire after 24 hours)
    - Admins can set server create limit on users
Deprecated features:
    - Multiple user ranks (admin, editor, viewer)
Bug Fixes:
    - Pushbullet notification spam fixed
    - Desktop Notification fixed (offline notifications doesn't show up)

Version 1.1.0 [June 26, 2015]

New features:
    - Pushbullet notifications
    - Users can change there own password
    - Sign In captcha
Deprecated features:
    - You're not able anymore to disable Sign In
Bug Fixes:
    - Administrator can't change user passwords.

Version 1.0.0 [June 18, 2015]

- Initial release

Online documentation:

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