Connect a Google Spreadsheet to Google Maps:

  • No database, instant modifications by adding or removing lines in a cloud spreadsheet
  • Create a tour of multiple geosites
  • Customize your map using one of 7 different map styles
  • Use any custom marker you like, specified from a Google Spreadsheet and imported in your Google Drive for instant map modification
  • Use an HTML template to customize the look and feel of your info windows; add a column to your spreadsheet and use it to display specific information in the map’s info windows

Ease of installation and use:

  • Add geosites by using a form
  • Integrate the map by using a simple iframe (code provided)
  • Create all the necessary and preconfigured files in your Google Drive account in 3 minutes flat once you have bought MapleMaps

—Important Note : you need a Google account (free) or a Google Apps account (paid) to use this product.

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