Antelope – Ultra Fast AJAX Library

Antelope is the fastest and smallest AJAX library out there. It supports 2 modes for requests and is compatible with all the major browsers. Antelope is smaller and more consistent than other libraries like JQuery and is very simple to learn. Antelope is also extremely easy to use and extend.


Initialization of Antelope

var my_ajax_lib = new antelope();

Request for asynchronous AJAX to fill the contents of an HTML element, data, element_id, ajax_mode, ajax_session, content_fill_mode, success_callback, request_time_out, fail_callback);


  • ajax_mode” can be 1 or 2
  • ajax_session” can be 1 to 3
  • content_fill_mode” is boolean (true or false). On true the previous content is being replaced and on false the new content is appended.

The “success_callback”, “request_time_out” and “fail_callback” are optional.

Request for synchronous AJAX to fetch data and store it in a JS variable

var result = my_ajax_lib.response(url, data, ajax_session, request_time_out);

The “request_time_out” is optional.

More detailed examples and information is included in the documentation.

Vendor Information

  • Store Name: Clickatory
  • Vendor: Clickatory
  • Address: DE
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