WooCommerce Style Fixes


WooCommerce Style Fixes cleans up default WooCommerce product, WooCommerce checkout, WooCommerce order, and WooCommerce account page layouts.

The main ZIP file contains these 3 files:

  • woo-commerce-text-replacements-v1.csv
  • WooCommerce-Style-Fixes.css
  • WooCommerce Style Fixes README.pdf

The CSV file contains 47 WooCommerce text replacement strings that optimize descriptive text, and sets titles and field labels to Title Case format.

The CSS file contains 62 style edits that clean up default WooCommerce product, checkout, order, and account page layouts.

The README file contains step-by-step directions for installing the text replacements and the CSS. It also features sample “Before” and “After” screenshot images. And, there are two support email links at the start and end of the doc.

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