Revurb Framework – Easy Responsive 12 Column Layout Framework


The Revurb Framework is a responsive web page layout framework that uses simple CSS class names which the user can apply to their web layouts to make them responsive. The framework supports up to 12 columns in a layout, and includes a set of example templates to get you started creating responsive web pages quickly.

The Revurb Framework was authored by a veteran web designer of over 18 years, and has been used on many professional websites with great success. It provides a quick and simple way to implement responsive web pages without all the fluff associated with other frameworks. It was designed to share with developers and designers to get them using the conventions quickly and easily. There are many options included to allow you to easily set up page widths, column widths, fixed columns, floating, padding, micro-layouts and more by just applying class names to your elements. The framework uses simple and intuitive class names so it is easy to remember the conventions and begin working with the system quickly without having to go back and reference documentation over and over.

The Revurb framework is based solely on HTML 5 and CSS 3. It does not use more advanced CSS methods like SASS or LESS, so you will appreciate that the framework uses methods that are easily understood. All you need to be able to create layouts with this framework is a basic general knowledge of HTML and CSS. This framework is for those who know how to build their own HTML pages and apply class names to the elements within the page, but are not advanced enough to create custom styles that make their layouts reliably responsive.

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