Matching Game: Tap two things with the same height


Demo is available now at

1. download this source code on to an Apple Mac computer

2. unzip the source code into any folder

3. go to that folder, for example, /Users/your-Name/Downloads/Formgram/envato/match heights

4. go to this folder inside that folder, “match heights/FlappyFly.spritebuilder/”

5. open this file “FlappyFly.xcodeproj” using Xcode

6. Plug an iPhone or iPad to the Mac

7. Select the “Product” menu

8. Select the “Run” item

If you get a prompt saying “Code signing needs to be updated,” select “Fix code signing.”

If an error message shows up saying the “cannot run because device is locked,” unlock the device.

if an error message shows up saying “cannot build while another activitity and build is occurring,” wait a few minutes then select “Run” again

This is a unique game that takes advantage of the natural human eyesight.

The objective of the game is to score as many points as you can without the timer running out. To get points, tap on two and only two bars at the same height as they are scrolling by. Both bars need to be visible on the screen to get points. Since the bars are scrolling by, the player needs to act quick before the bars move past the screen (out of view) and can’t be tapped on. So it’s a race against time.

This game works on both iPhone and iPad and is backwards compatible all the way back to iOS 6.0 which means almost all iOS devices will be able to play your game. This has been successfully tested on iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6+, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2. This package also contain code for both iOS and Android as well as the Mac desktop.

Graphics can be easily updated.
iAd is fully functional with no changes (it just works).
Variables are named in an easy to read and understand manner.
Lots of spaces in the code make the code more readable and easy to modify. For example, ample comments in the code shows you exactly where to increase or decrease the scroll speed.
To skin this game, replace images in these folders:

Each folder has slightly different resolutions for the images, which are used depending on which device the game is running on. The game will automatically select the correct image sets to use.

For more advanced changes to the game, download SpriteBuilder at if you don’t already have it installed.

Some of the code was from github and others were from apple.

This game is unique in that, our eyes always look for and favor symmetry. If we see something that is symmetrical, then our brains automatically assume there’s no problems with it, even though a short second glance will quickly reveal flaws.

So this game plays on this innate human effect and stretches you to focus intently on symmetry instead of the asymmetry.

Our eyes are trained to detect balance and symmetry and then ignore it because our brains need to process large amounts of information every millisecond so we’ve trained eyes to automatically assume that symmetrical things are ok so we quickly glance pass it thereby easily missing the important details.

On the other hand, our eyes have also been trained to pick up even the slightest of mismatches, e.g. a small tiny dot in the middle of a blank piece of paper. In this sense, any mismatch or out of balance will be a glaring error.

This game forces players to recognize symmetry, then have the players do something when they find symmetry. It will be unnatural for the players. The natural tendency is for the players to be tapping on non-symmetrical stuff.

Below are more details on the game play.

When you see 2 bars with the same height, tap on them before they go away.

To start with, you get 60 seconds to play.

Each time you match a pair of bars, you get 5 more seconds added to the timer.

If you make a mistake, then you lose a point. No changes to your timer, it’ll continue to count down. When you run out of time, it’s game over.

If you tap on 2 bars that are right next to each other then you get 1 point, but if you match 2 bars that are separated by 3 bars, then you get 4 points, etc.

Watch out, the better you get, the faster it’ll get.

Also, be careful to tap “on” the bar instead of in between the bars as the bars are moving. You score when a matching pair of bars disappear and the screen nods up and down at you. If you didn’t match a pair of bars, then the screen shakes its head at you.

If you press the home button and then later go back into this game, you’ll lose 10 seconds of play time.

You don’t have to tap on the two bars at the same time, although you can if you’d like to.

As you get more points, new things are unlocked for you to match.

Check out the video at

Happy tapping!

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