Flappy Game: iAd, Interstitial, GameCenter, Push


This complete Space Debris! (Flappy Bird Style Game) utilizes customizable graphics, audio, easy customization for every aspect of the game. GameCenter Integration!! (Leaderboards and Achievements). iAd Integration & Interstitial Ad (by AdBuddiz)!


  1. Added three levels of difficulty ( with three different classifications )
  2. Added Push Notification configuration with the web service Parse (more info: parse.com)
  3. Interstitial Ad (by AdBuddiz)

Develop your “Flappy Bird” style app game, you just have to change some graphics files:

  1. ‘Bird’ (in this app is an Astronaut)
  2. Background image ( in this app is the Space)
  3. Obstacle ( in this app is debris.. different type!)
  4. App Icon, Launch Image
  5. Good remuneration by integrating Ad!

Customization Preferences:

// Gameplay - astronaut movement
static const float kGravity = -1500.0;
static const float kImpulse = 400.0;

// Gameplay - ground speed
static const float kGroundSpeed = 150.0f;

// Gameplay - obstacles positioning
static const float kGapMultiplier = 2.0;
static const float kBottomObstacleMinFraction = 0.1;
static const float kBottomObstacleMaxFraction = 0.6;

// Gameplay - obstacles timing
static const float kFirstSpawnDelay = 1.75;
static const float kEverySpawnDelay = 1.5;

// Looks
static const int kNumForegrounds = 2;
static const float kMargin = 20;
static const float kAnimDelay = 0.3;
static NSString *const kFontName = @"PressStart2P";

// App ID
static const int APP_STORE_ID = 827219677;

If you have an idea for a new “flappy bird” style, with this app you will realize in a short time!

The app includes integration with Game Center + Guide GameCenter:

  1. Leaderboards (top score)
  2. Achievements (nine elements)

You can find this app on app Store : search “Space Debris!” it’s Free !!

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