Speed Car Adventure ( GDPR + Admob + Support 64Bit) Easy to reskin

Speed Car Adventure is easy to play you have just to avoid cars enemies and earn coins as much as you can.

For reskin is easy just follow the documentation.

Click here to play

Main Features:

  • Eclipse Project
  • Android Studio Project
  • Support 64bit
  • GDPR


  1. Speed button
  2. Pause button
  3. Sound On/Off Option
  4. Review Button
  5. Universal (phone & tablet)

Ad Network AdMob Banner & Interstitial

Game Play:

  • Multiple Cars
  • Up To 30+ Level
  • Three different cars
  • Two driving positions

For reskin just follow the documentation.



Please check demo apk before buy.

If you have problems with the source code or you any question, just contact me from the form in my profile.


Last Update: August 29, 2019
Created: December 14, 2017