Parallels Game Play – 80 levels – 8 characters – Google Play Services – Buildbox Included

Take a journey through the beauty surreal, simplistic and colorful worlds that is Parallels. What seems like an easy relaxed journey in the beginning, is destined to become fraught with danger.

Avoid Colored objects, ceilings, platforms on the move and shadowed shapes that will follow you to your destruction. With simple one tap controls, you’ll need fast reactions, cunning timing to reach the safety of the Parallel checkpoints.

Parallels Features:

• Over 30 Checkpoints to reach
• Over 80 beautifuls levels
• Insane real-time physics
• Simple One-Touch Controls
• Mutli Characters Gameplay
• Puzzles, action and more
• Rich scenes: massif, cosmos, forest, snowfield, inferno
• A challenge to speed and reflex
• Game Center Leaderboards
• Free Gamplay With No ads

Demo Apk ( Google sign in error because Is not uploaded to google play store )
Download Here >

Eclipse Project PNG Files + File BBDOC File


Remember you must buy the assets if you want to use;

You don’t need Buildbox engine to reskin the game. Just replace default images with what you want using an image editor software. If you need help in reskining the game, feel free to contact us via Email


Last Update: December 5, 2016
Created: December 5, 2016