Endless Jet Runner 2D Game Android App

Endless Jet Runner 2D Game Android App

In Endless Jet Runner 2D game there will be a Space Jet, and the jet will kill the enemies by hitting them. There will also be some good jets(friends) and our Space Jet should not kill them. So if our Space Jet touch other enemies jets that will be destroyed. So we have to only kill the enemies.

The Rules
– Player (jet) has to kill the enemies by colliding with them.
– If player lets 3 enemies to go safely then the game is over.
– If player kills a good jet(friend) the game is over.


– Android Studio Project

– Change player or Enemy Images and
– many more


This Game Created on Android Studio Platform, Whats Required :

– Latest Android Studio
– Google Play Store Account

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Last Update: July 7, 2019
Created: July 7, 2019