TumblrWall For WordPress Version 2

TumblrWall For WordPress Version 2 - 1

Version 2!

TumblrWall For WordPress Plugin Version 2: Display Tumblr.com blog post photo’s in an Ajax multicolumn gallery with lightbox
photo galleries. Quick pin/tweet/follow buttons and link to original tumblr post.


  • NEW FEATURES: -Now powered by the Isotope plugin for a masonry layout(much more reliable and compatible layouts).
  • Post tag filtering option. Automatically add tag buttons associated with each image. When these buttons are click the wall repopulates the images based on the associated images.
  • Up to 50 images per Ajax loaded wall page(was 20).
  • Hideable Navigation and Social buttons.
  • Easy Implementation – Uses shortcode implementation to add a gallery to any page.
  • WordPress 3.5 – Works with the latest wordpress installation as well as WordPress 3+
  • Tumblr.com Api – Uses the newest Tumblr api to fetch tumblr blog post images and displays the first post image as a tumblrwall image. When the user loads the image into the tumblrwall lighbox they can scroll through the rest of that posts images.
  • Multi-Columns – Set the number of columns to split the gallery into. Default is 6.
  • Ajax loaded Slides -Shows upt to 50 images per Ajax loaded slide. Ajax loaded content using “Next” and “Previous” buttons.
  • Quick Share Buttons – Use the quick Pinterest Pin, Twitter Tweet and Tumblr Follow to spread the word about the post images.
  • User Blog – Uses a users blog name to show there blog post images. Note: Does not include a tagged search feature. Can be used with any user public blog.


Last Update: April 16, 2013
Created: March 2, 2013