Mars Party | Ionic 4 UI Theme / Template App | Starter App


Mars Party /Ionic 4 / Angular 8 UI Theme / Template App | Starter App


Mars Party /Ionic 4 / Angular 8 UI Theme / Template App | Starter App

Mars Party /Ionic 4 / Angular 8 UI Theme / Template App | Starter App

  1. All you want from app Ionic 4 Mars Party UI Theme / Template App is complete mobile app solution for
    android and iOS platform. You have variety of readymade pages to create
    your mobile app,Whether you are a developer or not, it’s best solution for faster development with low
    it saves a lot of time.

  2. You can easily, quickly build an Android/Ios App Use this template.

  3. Speed-up your app development with With beautiful design, modern and many options.

  4. Mars Party /Ionic 4 / Angular 8 UI Theme / Template App | Starter App can be a great choice. It is a modern
    based and easily
    customizable App

  5. Optimized to be performatic at any platform app (Android & iOS) and Web Apps (PWA).

  6. This makes app development a breeze. This Full App is guaranteed to cut down hundreds of you development

  7. If you need technical support or have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message:


  1. 160+ screens
  2. 60+ Custom Components
  3. 30+ Perfect Animation
  4. Responsive layout
  5. Clean Code
  6. Easy Use
  7. Built with Ionic 4 & Angular 8
  8. Free updates & Online documentation
  9. Chat screens – Variety of layouts
  10. Chat lists – Variety of layouts
  11. Uber map flow, Google Maps, Geolocation
  12. Netflix and Instagram Layout
  13. Walkthrough sliders
  14. Listings – Variety of layouts
  15. Side Menu – Variety of layouts
  16. Sidemenu and Tabs Navigation
  17. Cards – Variety of grid and list layouts
  18. Categories, filters and Feeds
  19. Login / Signup pages – Variety of layouts
  20. Profile Layout
  21. Video Playlist – Variety of layouts
  22. Tinder Cards Layout
  23. Content Loader and Ionic content loader
  24. Alerts, Action sheet, Ripple effect
  25. Pull to refresh
  26. Infinite Scroll
  27. List Drag to reorder
  28. Social Logins – Twitter, Facebook & more
  29. GOOGLE PLACES, In-app browser
  30. Alerts

Reactive Form Validation

Improve overall data quality by validating user input for accuracy and completeness.
In a reactive form, the source of truth is the component class. Instead of adding validators through attributes in
the template, you add validator functions directly to the form control model in the component class. Angular then
calls these functions whenever the value of the control changes.

Free updates & Free support

Once you purchase the license, all future updates added in this app template will
be at your disposal for free. Therefore, rest assured that you will not miss any
great feature we prepare. As we already mentioned, Theme Template App includes great documentation,
but in case you are not able to find an answer to your question there,
you can always contact our customer support.

App Features

  • Home Pages—-7 Layouts
  • List Pages—-7 Layouts
  • Animation List Pages—-7 Layouts
  • Sliding,reorder,Select etc Pages—-7 Layouts
  • Progress Pages—-8 Layouts
  • Card List Pages—-7 Layouts
  • Sign In Pages—-7 Layouts
  • Sign Up Pages—-7 Layouts
  • Profile Pages—-7 Layouts
  • Tabs Pages—-7 Layouts
  • Slides Pages—-7 Layouts
  • Scroll + Animation Pages—-7 Layouts
  • Left,Right Menu
  • Multiple Accordion
  • 20+ Slides
  • Custom Steps Components
  • Custom Skeleton Components
  • Custom Loading Components
  • Custom List Components
  • Custom Card Components
  • Custom Sign Up Components
  • Custom Sign In Components
  • Custom Tabs Components
  • Custom Scroll Components
  • Custom Multi-level Side Menu Components
  • Firebase Auth
  • Custom Shopping Cart Fly Animation
  • Perfect Animation
  • More….

It’s a simple, clean template,that is mobile friendly and nice CSS animation.
It’s so easy, just replace the data source of custom components to use the template.

Version History

Version 1.0.0 (17-01-2020)

- Add: Init Release

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